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A husband and dad of two found himself living a real-life nightmare while live streaming the video game Minecraft. With his wife and daughters, ages 8 and 9, asleep in adjacent bedrooms, 31-year-old Mike Dolan was into the throws of the game when he found himself staring down guns that were aimed at his face. Those watching live stream saw it all go down! “Oh my God!” he screams. “They’re armed. They are point right at me…I was terrified,”...Continue reading »

As the new NFL domestic violence and sexual assault policy announced last week prepares to face its first test with the arrest today of 49ers defensive end Ray McDonald, an open letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell from an NFL fan and dad of two from Los Angeles is getting some play. The new NFL policy announced late last week by Goodell calls for a six game suspension without...Continue reading »

It apparently doesn’t take much these days to get your 15 minutes. In the case of Rob Beckham, a 41 year dad from Cincinnati, Ohio, all he did was take out his phone and videotape his daughter Skylar, 13, as she was in the midst of an epic selfie photography session. But that was enough… Dad posted the video on YouTube and Facebook, with this message: “A dad noticed a lot of movement in his rear view mirror and realized his daughter was in the midst of an epic photo shoot of her own creation. After watching and laughing...Continue reading »

Armed with stats that show nearly 50,000 high school soccer players suffered concussions in 2010 alone, a group of soccer parents and players filed a federal lawsuit in San Francisco to get soccer’s governing bodies to impose new safety rules to protect players from head injuries. The soccer concussion lawsuit, filed against the Fèdèration Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) along with other U.S.-based soccer associations for allegedly failing to adopt effective policies to evaluate and manage concussions, seeks, among other...Continue reading »

As parents, we comfort our children when they’re scared. But are we doing that too often? New research shows that some of things we parents do in our efforts to help may not be so helpful when it comes to children with anxiety issues. An Arizona State University study shows that parents with an anxious child often fall into the “protection trap” that may negatively influence their child’s behavior down the road. “Anxiety in kids is one of the most common disorders in childhood. A certain amount of anxiety is normal and...Continue reading »

Today could’ve been a prime day for golf, fishing or chilling by the pool. Instead Chris Wilburn, 40, from Dunwood, Ga. descended on a large meeting hall in Atlanta to talk fatherhood with about 500 other dads who wanted to be inspired to be better fathers. Throughout the day, Wilburn listened to speakers like former NFL coach Tony Dungy, who talked about fatherhood and the importance of being a good dad. “Tony Dungy said something that stuck. Don’t try to rush through any phase of life. If you put all your heart into doing...Continue reading »

College football in the NCAA’s Southeastern Conference (SEC) is widely regarded as a religion in the southern United States. Here, fans expect nothing short of championships and the football cathedrals they visit on Saturdays, are second only to the holy cathedrals they visit on Sunday. Head coaches are held under extreme scrutiny as they are constantly walking in the shadows of the past that will never be forgotten. This sort of pressure can place a coach in a...Continue reading »

A Jacksonville father whose 17-year-old son died in a case with racial overtones is headed to Ferguson, Missouri to help bring calm to the community and offer solace to the family of Michael Brown, Jr. On August 9, 18-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot by a white Ferguson, Mo., police officer. There have been peaceful and violent protests ever since. Back in 2012, Jordan Davis was fatally shot by Michael David Dunn, a white 45-year-old software developer who was visiting the Jacksonville for a wedding, during what was reported to be an...Continue reading »

So what’s the best back to school tech 2014 for students? After all, it’s already back to school time for millions of kids, or it will be soon. “Parents want to ensure their child has an educational edge,” says Karl Wayne, from the website KillerApps.TV. And when it comes to tech, it’s usually dads who drive the ship! The website KillerApps set out to find the latest tech that could benefit students of all ages for its list of Best Back to School Tech 2014. The one...Continue reading »

The ALS #IceBucketChallenge is soaking the nation. Basically someone challenges you to dump a huge bucket of ice water on yourself to promote awareness for ALS. You have 24 hours to complete the challenge or you have to make a donation. If you accept, you get to challenge up to five people to do the same thing. In the last two weeks, everyone from Ethel Kennedy to Justin Timberlake has poured a bucket of ice water over his or her head and challenged others do the same within 24 hours or make a donation to fight ALS. Today, Daddyhood publisher...Continue reading »