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If you didn’t grow up with it and live in a home without domestic violence, you are fortunate. The Domestic Violence Roundtable cites studies that show 3-4 million children between the ages of 3-17 are at risk of exposure to domestic violence each year. Any person who grew up in a home living with domestic violence experienced childhood domestic violence. From a childhood standpoint, domestic violence is violence between parents or violence...Continue reading »

A survey released today by Cigna (NYSE:CI) finds that U.S. consumers believe health care costs could have a major impact on their financial well-being and their ability to finance future needs, such as putting children through college and enjoying a secure retirement. “The insights gained from our survey show how strong the link is between health and financial security, and reinforces our role in understanding customers’ needs and working with them to lead healthier, more secure lives,” said Dr. Scott Josephs, Cigna national medical...Continue reading »

Long associated with just women in the work force, work-life balance struggles are becoming more of a focus as they relate to men. In fact, Worth magazine just ran a opinion piece from Mohamed A. El-Erian, the former CEO and co-CIO of PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company, LLC). El-Erian made millions of dollars each year heading the company. For years he tried balancing his big job with the demands of being a father to his 10-year-old girl. Because of the demands of his job, El-Erian knew he was missing many milestone events in his...Continue reading »

Fed up with Facebook? Ello is the new anti Facebook social network that’s catching the online world by storm, in case you’ve missed it. Even if you’re interested in joining, you’ll need to know someone already on Ello to start using it. Is it possible that soon your friends from Facebook will find a new home on Ello? Social media experts seem to feel that Ello could be the site that finally poses a threat to Facebook. Unlike Google Plus which confused users with circles, and Unthink which disappeared almost as quickly...Continue reading »

Well, the woman who claims she added an extra breast to chase away men is making it big. Last night she was interviewed on local CBS affiliate WTSP in Tampa and that story has gone everywhere! Her story that started on social media, has spread all over: Entertainment Tonight, US magazine New York magazine and TMZ. Here’s the deal: A 21-year-old Tampa massage therapist who calls herself “Jasmine Tridevil” apparently loves the number 3 so much she claims to have added a breast. She reportedly paid $20,000 for the surgery and...Continue reading »

A suburban Chicago dad has been watching NFL players’ off-field troubles make headlines. Worse: So has his 7-year-old son! Cliff Hieronymus says he’s finally had enough and has decided to stop watching NFL football all together. “The NFL is suspended indefinitely in my house. I can’t get up on Sundays and have to have those conversations all day with my son,” he told the CBS station in Chicago. He...Continue reading »

Apparently it’s not just dads who are doing it wrong. So are moms. In fact it turns out just about everybody is installing car seats the wrong way as three out of four car seats are installed incorrectly, according to a new survey from AAA. “Too often, we see kids who are in a car seat that’s installed incorrectly or not using an age-appropriate booster seat,” says Michele Harris, director of traffic safety culture, AAA – The Auto Club Group. The news comes during Child Passenger Safety Week which runs Sept. 14-20. “As...Continue reading »

Former Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice may be cooked, but fans are still boiling… given the fallout and what appears to be a gross mishandling of the situation by the National Football League (NFL). On last night’s show, Jon Stewart went after the NFL by saying what a lot of us are thinking: “You’ve done f*cked up!” Stewart attacked Roger Goodell for claiming in a CBS interview he was “never afforded [the] opportunity” to see the video, obtained and Continue reading »

The demands that come with balancing fatherhood and a career are something that every parent is well aware of. However, the demands that come with balancing fatherhood while maintaining a successful wrestling career is something that only a handful of people can identify with. WWE superstar Titus O’Neil, known outside the ring as Thaddeus Bullard, makes those demands look easy. Bullard’s phenomenal work ethic and established career are driven by his passion for providing the best possible life for his two sons, Thaddeus Jr. and Titus....Continue reading »

The headline in the Jerusalem Post says it all: ‘Jewish Schindler’ reaches goal of saving more than 1,200 Muslim and Christian refugees. The Post, Israel’s esteemed newspaper that is read throughout the world, declared that news in today’s paper. To date, Yank Barry, the Jewish Canadian humanitarian and philanthropist, has been a savior for 1,218 Muslim and Christian refugees who have fled the violence and volatility in their home countries of Syria, Iran and Iraq. Barry first rose to international acclaim as lead...Continue reading »