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It’s apparently not just moms who experience hormone changes during pregnancy. Expectant dads may also. It seems impending fatherhood, or being an expectant dad, can lower two hormones in men–testosterone and estradiol–even before their babies are born, a new University of Michigan study finds. Previous studies have shown that men’s hormones change once they become fathers. The new U-M study is the first to show that the decline...Continue reading »

Dr. Izzy Silva, M.D. is president of Healthpointe, a chain of a dozen health clinics in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, each with its own team of board-certified physicians. In all, he has hundreds of employees. Silva, also  called “Dr. Izzy” by friends, colleagues, or staff members, is also a husband and father of two: daughter Alexis, 6, and son Joshua, almost 3. While female CEOs who are also mothers routinely get asked about the work life balance, rarely do men. In fact, people hardly ever...Continue reading »

UPDATE: 4:32pm ET: Body of suspected killer, Bradley William Stone, found. A Marine veteran and father of two is the subject of a massive Pennsylvania manhunt after police say he stabbed to death his ex wife and five of her relatives. Police say Bradley William Stone, 35, killed Nicole A. Stone, and then murdered five of her relatives. He spared their two daughters. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, county...Continue reading »

Babies are typically born in the hospital. Well, it seems that it doesn’t always go down that way and dad delivers the baby. And it’s not all that rare for that to happen, believe it or not. A dad delivers baby story just happened in Southern California, where Garden Grove residents Allan Su and his then pregnant wife Trisha Huynh were on their way to the hospital when Huynh started to go into labor. “Yeah, he asked me to hold on. I said, ‘No, I can’t hold on anymore – pull over!’” Huynh told Continue reading »

On the surface, you may wonder why Mike Dukart, a dad and serial entrepreneur, would be thinking so much about immigration reform. Dukart lives in southern Minnesota, on the cusp of North Dakota. It’s nowhere near the epicenter of what we typically think of the immigration reform battleground states: California, Texas, Arizona or Florida. But Mike Dukart and his family are products of immigration reform. In the early 1900s, his family, which is of German descent, immigrated to the prairies of North Dakota. Over the next century his family,...Continue reading »

Uber, the tech car ride share startup, has über PR problems. In fact, the Uber news today delivers horrific global headlines from India to the United States. Uber Driver in India Accused of Raping, Beating Female Passenger Indian woman alleges rape by Uber taxi driver What Delhi Uber rape proves: Booking cabs via app doesn’t guarantee safety A woman who hailed a ride with Uber in New Delhi using the company’s smartphone app was raped by the driver, Continue reading »

It appears to be a dramatic case of stolen valor, caught on camera by a veteran who was at the mall shopping on Black Friday with his son. “Don’t say anything,” Ryan Berk, 26, tells his son as he begins recording and walks up to the man, dressed in fatigues, carrying a shopping bag. “Hey my son wants to meet you. He really admires guys in the Army.” The man obliges. “Hey buddy, I’m Sean.” Berk then begins to pepper the man who claims to be in the military with questions–who answers them. “All...Continue reading »

When you think huge Christmas lights display, who doesn’t have a flash of the Griswalds and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. As impressive as that fictitious display was (when it worked), Australian dad David Richards has put Clark Griswald to shame. David Richards kicked off Christmas celebrations in Australia’s capital city of Canberra by earning a Guinness World Records title for the largest image made of LED lights. He couldn’t have pulled it off at home, so borrowed another venue: a shopping center. With 1,194,380...Continue reading »

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks. For many, it’s also a chance to be with family. But what about moms and dads who work in retail? With so many stores staying open Thanksgiving, the boycott Black Thursday movement is gaining momentum on social media, with claims that being open is family un-friendly. A Boycott Black Thursday page on Facebook has more than 100 thousand likes, up 14% from last week. “On November 27th, boycott any retailer that chooses to extend massive Black Friday sales into Thanksgiving Day. Protect the...Continue reading »

The dominoes are falling in the the world of Bill Cosby, once known as America’s favorite dad. Netflix has postponed a planned concert that featured the comic legend. NBC announced that a family program that featured Bill Cosby was no longer in development. And TV Land scrubbed from its lineup the 80′s sitcom The Cosby Show, which, of course, starred Bill Cosby. It’s been quite a meltdown for Bill Cosby, the 77-year-old father of five who was the go-to product pitchman for Coca Cola, Kodak and most notably Jell-o pudding. Bill...Continue reading »