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Whether it’s as host of his eponymous show on Fox News Channel or as a politician, most people know that to Mike Huckabee family means everything. As the battle over raising the minimum wage took shape across the U.S, and Huckabee determined what it would mean to families–particularly families in single parent households–the former governor of Arkansas and likely 2016 presidential contender, pushed for what he calls a “maximum wage” increase for workers so they can support themselves and their families. “Why...Continue reading »

Immigration reform is a hot button issue. No doubt about that. What about an immigration assignment? A Wisconsin teacher created an immigration assignment that rubbed one dad the wrong way and has prompted questions about what the teacher was thinking. Students in the 8th grade social studies class at Shattuck Middle School were handed an immigration assignment that Scott Radies, 46, believes suggested that the Republican Party is destroying the “pathway to citizenship”...Continue reading »

Two weeks ago, what daughter Allison Williams said publicly about her dad would not have been newsworthy–let alone headline-making. But times are different since Brian Williams, the now suspended top-rated NBC Nightly News anchorman, was caught exaggerating a Iraq war story and punished for it by getting sidelined without pay for 6 months. “This has been a really hard time. We have also been feeling very lucky, counting our blessings. We have our health. We have each other. It’s been incredible to experience the outreach...Continue reading »

It may be cold across much of the country. But today in Florida there’s lots of talk about swimming pool safety and a bill that would prevent electrocution deaths such as the one that claimed the life of 7-year-old Calder Sloan. Sloan was electrocuted in his family pool 10 months ago because of a faulty pool light. “What we’ve discovered is there is so many things that can go wrong in a pool that can lead to fatal injuries,” his dad, Chris Sloan, told Continue reading »

“The Slap” TV show premiered last night NBC, raising questions in many households about parenting and discipline. It has inspired many parents–particularly dads–to think about whether it’s okay to discipline someone else’s child. The NBC miniseries is based on a book by Christos Tsiolkas and the Australian television series of the same name produced by Matchbox Pictures. The premise of ‘The Slap’: A man slaps a child from another family. The so-called ‘slap heard around the world’...Continue reading »

A stunning admission from Brian Williams, the anchor of top-rated NBC Nightly News: That story he’s been telling about covering the Iraq war and being in a helicopter that came under enemy fire, well, it never happened. Wow. We’ll say it again: That famous Brian Williams Iraq war story he’s retold a million times never actually happened. Brian Williams now says he was, in fact, not on board a helicopter hit by enemy fire during the...Continue reading »

If actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck need medical science to back them up on Deflategate, they’ve got it. Orthopedic surgeons who treat pro athletes, including one who is a former New England Patriots ball boy, are weighing in on Deflategate, saying the controversy is overblown because, clinically speaking, a deflated ball has little impact on an athlete’s performance for most of the NFL quarterbacks. “Even with a slightly deflated ball, if you’ve got a guy with great talent, good mechanical skills, strong shoulders (rotator cuff)...Continue reading »

A 5 year old came home from school with a note in an envelope. But it wasn’t from Alex Nash’s teacher. It was from a classmate’s mom. And it contained an invoice for £15.95 (US $24.10). In the note, Julie Lawrence said because Alex was a no-show at her son’s birthday party, and his parents never bothered to call and cancel, she had to pay for Alex. “It was a proper invoice with full official details and even her bank details on it,” Derek Nash, Alex’s father, Continue reading »

Several ISIS videos have been gruesome and disturbing. But this latest ISIS video, showing a 10-year-old boy doing the terror group’s dirty work, hits a new low and raises new questions about what we should be telling our kids. It’s hard enough for us to make sense of it, right? In the video,  titled “Uncovering an Enemy Within,” and released through the official propaganda outlet for ISIS al-Hayat Media, the 10-year-old child is seen executing two men accused of being Russian spies. ISIS says the men were executed...Continue reading »

The weather doesn’t stop kids from wanting to play outdoors – especially when it’s really cold or snowing outside. Simply put: Kids will be playing outside in winter. The cold weather means that parents and kids need to take certain precautions and be more careful. A snow day can be lots of fun, but it can also be dangerous when your kids are not prepared and you don’t teach them about certain safety measures. Christina Plejdrup, mom inventor of the Minkey, a 3-in-1 Continue reading »