California teen total ‘Thriller’ with Michael Jackson tribute at talent show (VIDEO)

Video of high school teen goes big time viral. Needless to say he won the talent show!

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Posted on May 26, 2014 - 8:38am

TURLOCK, Calif. (  
Brett Nichols thrills audience with rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller.' (Photo courtesy: The Modesto Bee/

Brett Nichols thrills audience with rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’ (Photo courtesy: The Modesto Bee/

How proud must his dad (and mom) be…

Seventeen-year-old Brett Nichols from Pitman High School has been a Michael Jackson fan since he was a young kid.

After the student body sat through some really bad acts, Nichols wowed the crowd at the school’s talent show–moonwalk and all!

He apparently studied MJ’s moves for months watching YouTube videos.

The hard work paid off. Not only did he win, but according to TMZ, the video caught the eye of Michael Jackson’s estate and he, his dad, mom and sister have been invited to attend a performance of Michael Jackson ONE in Las Vegas.

The video was posted on the high school’s Facebook page, then to the social site Reddit, and within a couple days received more than 2 million views!

The clip has been played on NBC’s TODAY, CNN and local news stations across the USA and the world.

“I’m just in shock, really,” Nichols told The Modesto Bee. “I am taking things one thing at a time and answering as calmly as I can. (Dancing) is something I’ve kept largely to myself. And then the one time I share it, it goes wild.”

Bitten with the bug, Nichols says he has his eye on show business.

“I want to keep this thing going… I hope at least I get my sneaker in the door. My big goal is film, I want to direct. But I’m willing to be in front of the camera if I have to. But I’m just blown away with the fact that my face was all over the world.”

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