KEYT: Dad of U.C. Santa Barbara shooting victim meets with shooter’s father

The two grieving dads reportedly met for the first time Sunday

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Jun 2, 2014 - 8:33am


VICTIM'S FATHERRichard Martinez, the grieving dad of 20-year-old shooting victim Christopher, and Peter Rodger, the pained dad of Elliot Rodger, the shooter, met privately on Sunday, KEYT in Santa Barbara reported.

The two talked at a Santa Barbara coffee shop.

“I have met with Peter Rodger and we plan to work together so other families such as ours will not suffer as ours have,” Martinez told KEYT. “This was a private conversation between grieving fathers who’ve reached common ground.”

Beyond that, Martinez declined to reveal more.

Police say Rodger killed six people the night of May 23 after years of rejection by women and jealousy. He was found dead in his BMW from a gunshot wound to the head.

His family had tried to get mental help for him in the weeks leading up to the massacre. They even called police to conduct a welfare check.

All attempts failed.

Martinez says he wears his son’s watch, as well as a purple band given to him at the U.C. Santa Barbara memorial by a Santa Barbara mother who lost her two children to gun violence last year.

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