Movement nudges dads to take charge of healthier eating, exercise in their families

Kicks off new campaign Father's Day.

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Posted on Jun 3, 2014 - 3:30am

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Kimatni Rawlins, Fit Fathers founder. (Courtesy:

Kimatni Rawlins, Fit Fathers founder. (Courtesy:

If you read the moms magazines you’d think mothers are the only ones interested in fitness and nutrition.

But at least one group is urging dads to assume that role, beginning Father’s Day.

“It’s time for men to rise to the occasion and positively lead their loved ones,” says and Fit Fathers Day founder Kimatni D. Rawlins.

Rawlins is a proud father of two girls who founded Fit Fathers to inspire dads to take charge of healthier eating and fitness in their families.

And if you are not into it already, he suggests you start Father’s Day.

family-fitnessOn Father’s Day, a day he dubs “Fit Father’s Day,” he suggests enjoying one hour of energetic activities with your family such as a 5K to 10K run, family bike ride, soccer, hiking, ball games, swimming or a simple walk in the park.

Statistics show that over one-third of children in the United States are obese. Other recent studies show that fathers (not mothers) have the most influence over what children eat and what they do.

How’s that for pressure?

After Fathers Day, urges dads to continue to be the motivators of health and fitness in their families by doing things such as daily exercise, and replacing chips, cookies and soda with fruits, water and fresh, homemade juices. Rawlins also suggests that dads cook more meals at home to eliminate fast food entirely.

“Ultimately, nutritional eating, a conscious focus on overall wellness and regular exercise will keep us all breathing easy, running farther, swimming faster, cycling longer and laughing harder,” Rawlins says.

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