It’s official: Dads have the toughest job, acting casting call shows (VIDEO)

American Greetings, the card company, set out to prove a point and this is what happened

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Jun 4, 2014 - 9:02am


videoThere’s no acting needed to demonstrate how tough being a dad can be.

American Greetings, the card company, recently held a casting call for actors to audition for a commercial, playing the role of “Dad” for its website Cardstore.

Little did the actors know that the audition WAS the actual commercial!

The video that resulted illustrates that “being” a dad is whatever works for him; how he uses his own way of offering guidance and showing love. That there is no one way or right way of doing things!

After all, there is no way to schedule when your 6-year-old spills chocolate pudding on the new white rug, no practice session for walking your daughter down the aisle, and no book that teaches which funny dance will get your baby to giggle for the first time. In real life, dads are faced with rewarding challenges, silly situations and unexpected parenting moments every day.

The conclusion from the screen test: Moms may have an endless job description – but don’t forget that dads also have it tough.

“Card sales and retail spending for Mother’s Day always surpass Father’s Day, but we want everyone to realize that fatherhood is also the worlds toughest job,” said Christy Kaprosy, vice president of marketing for American Greetings. “Showing gratitude for dads is important – fatherhood is tougher than it looks!”

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