Dad hero or vigilante? Meet the father of 7 known as ‘The Kevinator’

Kevin Martin risks his own life to catch bad guys

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Jun 5, 2014 - 2:06pm

QUEENSLAND, Australia (  

dad vigilante or heroAustralia’s A Current Affair calls him a one man crime-fighting machine.

He’s known by friends and colleagues as “The Kevinator,” a play no doubt on the Arnold Schwarzenegger character “The Terminator.”

Kevin Martin is his real name. And he is a father of 7.

He’s an Australian security guard who in his spare time became a crime fighter.

When he used to tell people what he does, they didn’t believe him. So he decided to record his escapades on video.

In one dramatic video, shown on the national A Current Affair program, Martin goes after a suspect loose in a day care. He tackles the suspect, and holds him down until police arrive.

“I just happened to be in the right place,” he told the program. “I jumped on top of the crook and got on top of him.”

Kevin Martin on "A Current Affair" in Australia

Kevin Martin on “A Current Affair” in Australia

He says he became a crime crusader after getting tired of people doing bad things and suffering no consequences.

“I’m just sick of them getting away with it. I’m just sick of it,” Martin says. “It’s just getting worse and worse and worse.”

Instead of looking the other way, like most people, this dad gets involved. Big time.

While patrolling the streets of Australia in his car, he monitors the police scanner to see if there’s something going down where he can help give police a leg up.

“I love listening to the scanner… I like listening to it because when I’m working at a shopping center or when I’m working I like to know when there’s a stolen car in the area,” Mr Martin said.

“If I see it enter the shopping center. I’ll notify police.”

Videos shot by Martin show him pursuing stolen cars, catching alleged shoplifters and aggressively confronting them.

In one video he walks up to a woman and asks her about the items she has.

“Shoplifting as usual, take it back,” the woman admits.

“You’ve got stuff $20 bucks each,” he says back.

She replies: “You don’t have to make a big scene, mate.”

While some businesses appreciate his efforts, police in Australia and elsewhere generally advise you to call authorities, rather than take matters into their own hands.

What do you think? And while this man has become a crusader on crime, is this father of seven irresponsible since he is risking his life each time? What do you think?

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