Savings guru tells children to splurge on Father’s Day

MeMoneys creator Bert Burke says there are countless ways to show dad appreciation on Sunday

By Nathan Legg
Posted on Jun 11, 2014 - 11:00am

SARASOTA, Fla. (  

Did a savings guru say it’s ok to splurge?

Sure did! But what Bert Burke, creator of the gift card and the ‘Round Up’ programs seen in banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America, means is that there are several different ways to show dad gratitude.

“Over-indulging on gifts is the most obvious way, but there are plenty of different ways to say thanks to dad,” says Burke, a financial innovator who holds 12 U.S. patents, including his newest invention, a saving and budgeting tool called dollar sign.

“You can always splurge on time spent with dad, splurge on attention or even manual labor!”

When he was younger, the 78-year old Burke says that he wasn’t always good at saving either. In fact, when his four children were growing up, he encouraged them to spoil themselves from time to time. His advice? Save it little by little so that when they wanted to pamper themselves, they weren’t overcome with guilt.”

In effect, this is the key message Burke instills into each potential user of his newest invention, MeMoneys. He says he does not care how much you put into his new savings tool, because he did not create the program to take money away from people saving.

“I don’t know even know how much is in an account,” says Burke, who holds 12 U.S. financial patents. “It’s your money. We want our users to get that proud feeling of saving money, so that they can breathe easier when they make that big purchase they have been chasing for a long time.”

With the intention of presenting a better attitude regarding money, Burke aims to give MeMoneys’ users the best of both worlds. The system is designed so that one can save some funds at the rate they feel comfortable with, work towards their goal and ‘splurge’ when the time is right, eliminating the stress that has inevitably came with it.

So what are Burke’s expectations this Father’s Day when it comes to gifts from his children?

“Hopefully they’ve been using dad’s invention and have enough money to get me something expensive,” Burke said, letting out big laugh. “What I really want is what every dad looks forward to; a little extra attention and spending time together as a family.”

While that is always a great gift for dads, Burke knows that kids sometimes try to go above and beyond for their parents to show their appreciation.

Burke said that once he started making his own money, he would never let his parents pick up the tab when they would go out together, and was always looking to purchase extravagant items for holidays like Father’s Day.

“They took care of me when I was younger and I saw this as my way of showing them appreciation for that,” Burke said. “To my children’s credit, they do the same for me, always spoiling me.”

The innovator added that while it is certainly nice to be able to show love and appreciation with a physical gift, he understands the stresses that come with being low on cash.

So what to do when funds are short and a day like Father’s Day is on the cusp? Besides investing some time in MeMoneys of course…

“Make the day easier on dad by mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, things of that nature,” Burke suggests.

“No matter how much or how little you have saved, you can always splurge on manual labor!”

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