Best TV commercials starring dads

These ads portray fathers with the respect dads deserve. Enjoy!

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Jun 12, 2014 - 9:40am

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To celebrate fathers, and to salute the brands and advertisers getting it right, we thought we’d compile some of the best TV commercials starring dads.

Here they are, drum roll please…

Best TV Commercials Starring Dads

Maybe we’re just a bunch of saps here. But this commercial featuring a dad and his son celebrating Father’s Day really captured the essence of a relationship.

Brighthouse Networks
Nothing like having pancakes with dad and having that really deep conversation, plus some fun.

Any dad who has a girl especially will relate to this moment. There’s a special bond between a father and daughter and Subaru nails that.

Tide and Downy
Who says it’s just moms who does the laundry? A sign that Tide and Downy are aware that gender roles have changed, this ad plays to dads who hold down that chore!

This ad plays to the dads not just interested in sports, but also about family finances.

To think at one time, Google didn’t advertise! This ad was a real winner and it brings a new definition to the word “sappy”

A bit of a goofy commercial, featuring two pregnant men who are feeling empathy. This is a British commercial.
One of our favorites… This commercial really just captures it all! The epitome of involved dads willing to be goofy and get down and dirty and do whatever a daughter wants.

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