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More than a website on parenting, launched Father's Day at 9am ET

By Glenn Selig
Posted on Jun 15, 2014 - 9:00am

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happy fathers day graphicThis Father’s Day is extra special. Along with my daughter Drew, 11, my son Josh, 9, and my wife of nearly 14 years, Charyn, we’re celebrating the official launch of! (The launch “party” will come later and is still being planned.)

I hope you will see that is meant to be much more than parenting for dads on the Internet.

Daddyhood covers news, finance, sports, fun and parenting for dads. Yes, dads. Not moms, not teens, no one. Just dads.

You will notice that in the story-telling and the story selection.

I hope you like what you see and read: from the website layout, the approach, the colors, the logo… the whole nine yards.

All decisions were labored over and carefully selected.

The back story

It isn’t quite déjà vu, but this isn’t my first time creating a home for fathers on the Internet.

Glenn Selig Fox 13My dream of a website for fathers was first realized in 2002. At the time, I was still working as a TV news anchor and reporter at WTVT, Fox13 in Tampa, Fla.; it was around the same time my daughter Drew was about to be born.

It came to be because while seeking a tool for myself as a dad-to-be, I discovered that most (actually nearly all) parenting stuff was geared toward moms, and dads were the “also-parent.” So I figured I’d create it. And Interactive Dad was born.Interactive Dad

Interactive Dad was basically me, in my limited free time, working really hard to build a great website. I brought in writers and other experts because I obviously did not know much about being a dad… I remember vividly holding Drew as a newborn on my lap as I typed!

Interactive Dad developed quite a following.

In 2004, we were blessed with Josh, our second. Three years later, I left the grind of the news business and began to build Selig Multimedia, Inc.

asktheexpert-idadIt’s sad to think about, but Interactive Dad became a casualty of ever-increasing demands to build a company and the trials and tribulations of life. At the time, it was about survival and Interactive Dad received less and less of my time.

On the upside, today, I am proud to say, Selig Multimedia, Inc. and its brands are thriving.  The Publicity Agency is a leading global public relations firm focusing on publicity, crisis management and social media. And PR NewsChannel is a successful global press release newswire. The PR Institute, our training/teaching arm, recently launched.

Me on CBC in Canada talking about the Casey Anthony case.

Me on CBC in Canada talking about the Casey Anthony case.

I always regretted what happened to Interactive Dad. I told myself that one day… And now that one day has arrived!

For Selig Multimedia, Inc., Daddyhood  is our first foray into news publishing. Up until now, Selig Multimedia, Inc. has been focused on public relations.

At the core, I guess, I am at least part news guy. is a unique entity and I believe fills a huge void both for fathers and the news publishing industry.

I now have a team–an editorial staff, which we will bolster over time, and the resources of the finest PR corporation to get the attention it deserves in the real and virtual worlds so it can grow and prosper.

The Internet is filled with tons of dad bloggers talking about everything from food to fitness to the challenges of staying at home. There is also no shortage of products for dads: shirts, diaper bags, books, devices, electronics, apps. And then there are the tons of dads who approach each day without any fanfare. I hope to partner with you and talk or interact with you if you are open to it. I invite you to contact us, via email, phone or social media, to share your thoughts, suggestions and story ideas.

To any moms or daughters who are reading this you are welcome to join us on this journey too: But let’s be clear, this is a place for dads. So please understand that. I hope you will encourage your husbands, significant others and fathers to pay us a visit. (You can use the nifty Share buttons at the top and bottom of this column.)

Quick thank you

Before I go, I want to say thanks to all those who gave suggestions, feedback and their support during the creation of Daddyhood.

To my immediate family–my wife, Charyn, and my kids, Drew and Josh, you are my inspiration.

To my mom who has always supported me in everything I do and is always there for me.

And a very special thanks on this Father’s Day to my dad. He is a wonderful role model of what a loving father ought to be; he is not afraid to show affection, communicate how he feels and tells me often how proud he is of me. I still marvel at how important that is even when you’re all grown up and have a family of your own. And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and value him.


So let me say welcome to!

I am so glad you found us and hope that you share what you see here with other dads in the U.S. and around the world.

Today as I celebrate Father’s Day with my children and wife, I will also remember June 15, 2014 as the day my “baby,” Daddyhood, was born.

Happy Father’s Day!

Glenn Selig

Glenn Selig is a dad of two, the founder & publisher of Daddyhood and He is also president/CEO of Selig Multimedia, Inc.