Keeping a marriage hot, and the biggest falacies about pregnancy

From the Diaper Dude, a guy who thinks fatherhood doesn't have to be complicated or uncool

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Jun 19, 2014 - 9:03am


father babyFatherhood doesn’t have to be complicated or un-cool, according to Chris Pegula, a husband and dad of three.

So he created Diaper Dude, a brand that began after the birth of the first of his first.

He turned feminine-style diaper bags into ones that dads would want to carry, including famous dads like Brad Pitt, David Arquette, Matthew Broderick, Ben Stiller and Patrick Dempsey.

On, Chris Pegula shares his perspective on parenting, marriage, and fatherhood, that we thought you might enjoy.

Misconceptions about pregnancy from ‘5 Crazy Ideas Guys Have About Pregnancy’

“Pregnancy doesn’t affect you, it’s her thing. Dude, if this is you I just gotta say please erase this from your thinking ASAP. Yes, she is going through all the emotional and physical changes and for the most part you are on the sidelines. But your relationship is key to parenting so make an effort to get involved right from the start.”


“You’ll hurt the baby during sex. I’m not trying to flatter myself, believe me, but this is a legitimate fear. But the truth is that the baby is protected by your partner’s abdomen and the muscular walls of her uterus. While I suggest getting advice from her doctor when it comes to sex since every woman’s pregnancy is different, for the most part you don’t need to worry…you ain’t gonna get near the kid!”

“Cravings are her thing. She’ll have cravings, but so will you! That’s something I never thought about when my wife was pregnant with our first child. In fact, it wasn’t until I gained a good 10 pounds that I realized I was overindulging. So unless you are a health nut, get into the mindset early on and pay attention to your intake.”

Keeping a marriage hot from ‘6 Secret Ways I Keep My Marriage Hot’

“Say “I love you, because…” We take turns writing at least five things we love about each other in a journal; it’s a great way to stay connected. We have pages and pages of things we either never knew about each other or that we may have forgotten. The best part is reading what I wrote out loud and watching the expression on my partner’s face.”

“Flirt with photos. This is a lot of fun. I use my phone to take photos of my wife without her knowing. Then I text or e-mail the photos to her with some fun phrasing. (If you try this one, don’t be shy!)”

“Plan surprises. Make your time alone even more special by planning the unexpected. Leaving notes for your partner taped to the bathroom mirror, or even on her pillow to be discovered when she wakes up in the morning, is really special. Constant reminders of how much you mean to each other will be rewarding for you both.”

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