Dads battle for changing tables in men’s rooms

Two new bills in California would make it two to have changing tables in men's rooms

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Jun 23, 2014 - 9:34am

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (  
Changing table in the men's room is still a hit and miss.

Changing table in the men’s room is still a hit and miss.

It’s the newest battle for potty parity: Changing tables in men’s rooms.

It isn’t fun when you’re out with your diaper-age child or children and you have no place to go to change a diaper.

Is it fair that dads need to use a counter or floor in the men’s room because only the ladies’ room has a changing station?

“I’m shocked at how many kid-friendly places don’t have changing tables,” says a California dad on the website

Comments another: “What about dads who are out and about on their own with the baby?? What about single dads?? What about same sex (both male) couples?? What about ANY family that happens to not have an adult female??”

With about 90-percent of dads reporting that they bathe, diaper, or dress their children every day or several times a week when they live with them according to the National Health Statistics Report, California is considering two bills that would require men to have the same access diaper changing tables as women.

One bill, SB 1358, would mandate movie theaters, restaurants and other businesses have them in men’s restrooms , according to bill author Senator Lois Wolk.

A second bill, SB 1350, by Senator Ricardo Lara, would make changing tables accessible to both sexes – but doesn’t mandate where they go. Both bills have bi-partisan support.

But what about the rest of the country?

It’s a hit and miss when it comes changing stations requirements for men’s rooms and it varies from city to city.

Miami-Dade in Florida and San Francisco both passed ordinances to require changing stations in the men’s room if a business renovates.

But there are no state or federal laws that protect a man’s right to a changing station.

Until changing stations in the men’s room becomes the norm, try which will guide you to the nearest one.

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