Why you should keep reading to your kids

New position statement today from the American Academy of Pediatrics on reading to your kids

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Jun 24, 2014 - 8:53am

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Reading to newborns through age 3...

Reading to newborns through age 3 is important to brain development, American Academy of Pediatrics says.

They may be too young to even understand, but reading to your kids from the time they are born is important for brain development, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended today.

The Academy says an important part of our brains develop in the first three years of our lives and reading enhances our vocabulary and other really important communications skills.

Many affluent parents, of course, are playing classical music for their babies before they are even born.

But other parents, studies show, are not reading enough to their newborns and through age 3.

And with nearly every family having a smartphone, and kids learning how to swipe and tap before they can turn a page, and other distractions, reading may not be as emphasized as it once was in some households.

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The is the first the Academy has weighed in on early literacy and education.

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