‘Daddy’s version of a bun’ goes viral (VIDEO)

A bit unconventional but it does the trick, but this 'Daddy's version of a bun' video works and is hilarious

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Jul 2, 2014 - 10:00am

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"Daddy's Version of a Bun" video goes viral

“Daddy’s Version of a Bun” video goes viral

The video of “Daddy’s version of a bun” is hilarious and let’s just say it puts a whole new twist on how to put your little girl’s hair up.

“It’s been a crazy day. Finally got to sit down and eat lunch and came across this video,” Dama Quiles Colon, a mom and owner at Salon La Rouge in Chicago writes on Facebook. “This is how Manny Colon does Lely’s hair hilarious. Just what I needed for a pick me up.”

Dama is doing the camera work. The video, shot in a bathroom, shows Manny Colon brushing his daughter’s hair.

“This is daddy’s version of a bun,” says Dama. “Hi Lely say good morning!”

Lely’s does not play along with the pleasantries. But, she seems to be into dad and what’s about to come next.

“You ready?” asks dad, wearing a white undershirt and pajama bottoms. “And… start… spinning.”

Lely complies! She literally makes 360s and boom, hair is done!

Mom laughs and Lely is left with a perfect bun!

“OMG that is awesome,” writes Trina Gonzalez.

“Super cute! Great job dad!” says Christina Casas, R.N.

“3 cheers for Manny!!!!” writes Yeisha Marie Betancourt. She tells Jose Betancourt to “Check it out.”

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