10+ July 4th grilling tips

It's a popular day for the barbecue and July 4th grilling!

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Jul 4, 2014 - 8:50am

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July 4th grillingFor millions of Americans, today means July 4th grilling!

July 4th grilling means dads across the country will serve up hot dogs, burgers, ribs and corn to friends and family.

July 4 is the most popular holiday for using an outdoor grill or smoker.

Blue Rhino offers a few tips for July 4th grilling:

-Have a fresh, ready-to-grill propane tank on hand if using a gas grill.

-Always start with a clean grill since any cooked-on food particles can give your grilled food an unpleasant flavor. A thorough cleaning needs the right tool, like this Tough Brush or an onion.

-To keep food from sticking to the grids, spray or coat with cooking oil or an onion seasoning grill brush before lighting.

-Use Stuffz, the patriotic U.S.A. Burger Press or another type of mechanism to make perfectly formed burgers.

-For your vegetarian friends, toss raw vegetables in olive oil, sprinkle with kosher salt, and thread them on stainless steel skewers to keep them from spinning on the grill.

-Feeding a crowd? Flip over four burgers at a time with an extra large spatula. Or use non-stick grilling baskets designed especially for multiple pieces of corn or fish to make flipping easier.

-Use the upper cooking grid (warming rack) for toasting hot dog or hamburger buns.

-To ensure that burgers, steaks, chicken or larger cuts are cooked perfectly, use a digital temperature fork.

-To avoid losing natural juices, use long-handled tongs or spatulas instead of forks and turn foods over just once during cooking.

-Be sure to rest meat for a few minutes before serving to redistribute juices that have pooled in the center. Once it’s cut, the meat will be more tender and juicier to eat.

-Make cleanup easier by serving food in red plastic baskets lined with paper liners.

-Come armed with a handheld bug zapper for this summer’s voracious mosquitoes, and put food under a giant food tent to keep it bug-free.

-Always use a grilling glove made of fire-resistant fibers and a non-slip silicone grip to protect hands when placing and removing items from the grill top.



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