How to build better listening skills in kids

Listening skills help children hear and interpret what's being said. Here are some exercises for dads to help build better listening skills in kids

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Posted on Jul 7, 2014 - 10:04am

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build better listening skills in kidsWe love kids that listen and act. So it’s critical to build better listening skills in kids.

“Listening skills are very important because they help children learn how to develop language skills,” Marsha Newstat, an early childhood development specialist, tells A Place of Our Own. “Studies have shown that babies can hear from as early as inside the womb. When they are born, it’s important to help infants continue to develop listening skills for them to continue learning and developing.”

Newstat says listening skills require children to take in information and respond to it.

But how do you build better listening skills in kids?

Here are a few suggestions from Kids Activities Blog:

1. Make a DIY telephone and turn it into a fun listening game. Play a game of building a tower by listening to fun directions from each other.

2. Make sound cylinders and help the kids understand the intensity of sound. Put a pair of bunny ears on the leader and take turns playing Bunny Says.

3. Play a simple game of Red Light, Green Light to build listening skills. Go on a sound hunt outside and think about all the different noises the kids hear along the way.

4. Try a fun version of hide and seek that only uses the sense of hearing. Another great classic game is the rain game that fine tunes the kids hearing.


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