Parents’ plea to help ill daughter goes viral (VIDEO)

'Little Hannah' who turns one on Friday suffers from congenital adrenal hyperplasia and other serious ailments

By Glenn Selig
Posted on Jul 8, 2014 - 10:36am

TORONTO, Canada (  
Dad Denver Robinson and Hannah, who turns 1 on Friday.

Dad Denver Robinson and Hannah, who turns 1 on Friday.

On a grainy, poorly lit webcam video, Denver Robinson stares into the camera with “Little Hannah” on his lap.

“This is my little daughter Hannah Robinson,” says Denver Robinson on the YouTube video. “Little Hannah… she looks healthy now but unfortunately she’s a little bit sick on the inside.”

Baby Hannah, who turns 1 this Friday, was born seven weeks premature.

She spent the first four months on her life in the hospital. And things have been far from normal ever since.

It’s been taxing on their lives and their wallets.

So the Robinson family from Kingston, a Canadian city in Eastern Ontario, created a page. Filled with photos and information, it has been shared 68-thousand times!

We found out about the effort from The Robinsons, who reached out to Daddyhood last night via Twitter:

The fundraising goal: $100,000. Raised so far on the site: $3,337.

A similar effort on has raised $10,296, twice as much as their goal.

little hannah 3“We’re really hoping you guys can give us a hand,” says Denver Robinson in the video.

Born with congenital adrenal hyperplasia and bowel disease and many other smaller health issues. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia is a very rare disease that “can cause problems with normal growth and development in children — including normal development of the genitals,” according to The Mayo Clinic.

“Baby Hannah is going to need many surgeries to get better and with those surgeries comes many bills,” the page says. “We have been unable to work since her birth because one of us had to be in the NICU [neonatal intensive care unit] with her and the other one was with our other children at home.”

Baby Hannah, the family says, has as many as eight doctor’s appointments in one week. And she spends a great deal of time at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

Hannah will likely need seven to nine surgeries, the Robinsons say.

Dad Denver Robinson says every penny raised will go to help his daughter.

“Thank you very much for your help. We appreciate it.”


Glenn Selig

Glenn Selig is a dad of two, the founder & publisher of Daddyhood and He is also president/CEO of Selig Multimedia, Inc.

  • Kerri

    I’m sorry but something seems a bit sketchy about this… maybe you know him personally and can make me feel better? Please tell me you are sure this is legit. But after looking at the twitter feed and Facebook pages and doing a quick search, I found 5 different campaigns run by this man to raise money for these “expenses”. There may be even more but that’s what I found in the few minutes I did some searching. One has raised $8,111, $9,128, $10,231 and $10,296 and then the GoFundMe campaign of $4,468. That’s a total of over $42,000! Check here to see what I mean:

    This makes me think there may be more out there because I didn’t even look that hard. There would be no costs associated with the surgery so even if there are other expenses for travel, time off, etc, that’s still a huge amount of money. $8000 for one surgery?? We live in Canada, how can that even be remotely true?
    As a parent of a child who spent a lot of time at the same hospital in Toronto, I know that there many programs in place for parents, including accommodations for when you need to be in town. My daughter had 22 surgeries before her 4th birthday so I know well the costs and time involved. We met many families going through the same thing, many in much worse shape. The one thing that strikes me as odd is that none of us begged for money. Family and friends put on events to support us and raised money through an account set up at a bank and the money sat there until we really needed it most. By the amount of time he spends recruiting for his funding campaigns, he could be working a job. I know, I know, I’m sounding really really judgy right now but something just smells off with this whole thing. He has plenty of money now, why is he still claiming online that he has such a small amount?

    • Roxie

      I agree with you. My daughter was born @ 25 weeks and spent 5 months in NICU. She has been to o.r. Over 70 times in 7 years. We never once asked for money and had to survive on one income. That’s life, it’s a struggle sometimes. We did have friends raise money for us and what we had left, we donated. I’m glad I’m not the only one that finds the dad being a little greedy. He certainly doesn’t need all that money or to profit off his sick daughter. Her medical care is free after all so why does he need $42,000? Some families don’t make that much in a whole year, and seem to get by.