In song, dad responds to ‘Why you gotta be so rude?’ from rock hit ‘Rude’

Dad: 'And if you marry her anyway... I’m gonna punch your face.'

By Glenn Selig
Posted on Jul 15, 2014 - 10:25am

Dad Benji Cowart responds to 'Rude' song.

Dad Benji Cowart responds to ‘Rude’ song.

You may not know the song by name. But surely you’ve heard MAGIC!’s hit “Rude” which tells the story of a man trying to ask for a father’s blessing to marry his daughter but the dad is reluctant to give his approval.

In that song by MAGIC!, the singer insists, “Why you gotta be so rude? Don’t you know I’m human too?” He then vows that he’ll “marry her anyway” to the dad’s continued protests.

(See, you know the song!)

It’s not exactly a flattering portrayal of fathers, when looking at it from a dad’s perspective.

Musician and dad Benji Cowart decided to put a parental perspective on the song, and offer a response to the rhetorical question: “Why you gotta be so rude?”

Strumming a guitar on a YouTube video, in a parody video Benji Cowart sings: “Why you gotta call me rude? I’m doing what a dad should do.”

This real dad’s rebuttal video, “Rude (The Dad’s Side of the Story),” is getting some traction online with more than one million views of YouTube as of this writing. (MAGIC’s video is at 36 million views, but it is from a real band and uploaded Dec. 2013.)

What else does Cowart have to say in the song?

“Seeking permission to marry my princess, son what’s wrong with your big head?” Benji Cowart sings. “It’s the first time I met you, why would I let you run off with my baby girl?

“Get back in your Pinto. It’s time that you go. The answer is no.

“You say you want my daughter for the rest of your life, well you gotta make more than burgers and fries. Get out your momma’s basement, go and get you a life. Son, you’re 28, don’t you think it’s time?

“And if you marry her anyway, you marry that girl, I’m gonna punch your face. You marry that girl, I’ll make you go away. You marry that girl, you’re in the bottom of a lake,” Cowart sings.

Cowart told TheBlaze that he is a songwriter in Nashville and this “was just something to do for fun.”

Cowart admits he’s dealing with the abstract. His daughter is not even old enough to date!

Original “Rude” song:


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