Terminally ill father, daughter stage mock wedding

David Moore doesn't expect to be alive when his daughter Whitney gets married. So they hold a 'wedding' to celebrate a love between father and daughter.

By Nathan Legg
Posted on Jul 27, 2014 - 7:00am

KINGSTON, Tenn. (Daddyhood.net)  

It’s a bittersweet celebration of a love between a father and his daughter.

Whitney Moore says her dad is her first love. As such wanted to share with him what he means to her and let him know that there is no one else she would want walking her down the aisle.

“I told him that no matter who I marry he will always be my number one man. He was the first man that I loved,” Moore shared with ABC News.

Sadly David Moore, 68, her dad, is terminally ill with liver cancer and doctors say he has only months to live.

Since 20-year-old Whitney says she is nowhere close to any engagement, she wanted to experience her dad walking her down the aisle.

So at the home she grew up in, they staged a beautiful ceremony–a sort of mock wedding.

He wore a tux. She donned a gown. After the ceremony father and daughter even swayed to “Daddy, Dance with Me.”

Dad also surprised his daughter with an engraved heart-shaped box holding silver ring to remind her of her first love… something that she can cherish even when he’s gone.

Whitney shared photos with friends and family on Instagram.

“I pray for your dad as much as I can believe he can be healed and that all will be okay,” writes one of her friends. “But I think this was so sweet and comforting to him and you both!”

Says another: “I love this. And you.”

“When my wedding day comes, it’s going to be hard, but there’s also no regrets and I know he’ll be smiling because he’s there,” says Whitney told ABC. “I hope that people look at this and are inspired. If they’re as close with their daddies as I am, this is something they should do. I’m a true Christian believer and I have so much faith and I believe everything happens for a reason.”

Whitney proudly calls herself a “daddy’s girl” and since he was diagnosed nine months ago she’s gotten even closer with him.

“I have no regrets with my daddy. I have said what I wanted to say. I told him what he needed to know and there’s no shame.”


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