WTVT, Fox station in Tampa, strikes out with baseball Tweet

Tweet triggered by pitcher David Price trade compares Tampa to Detroit in snarky fashion

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Aug 1, 2014 - 5:35pm

TAMPA, Fla. (Daddyhood.net)  

As word spread that Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price would be leaving to Detroit, WTVT, Fox 13 in Tampa decided to get into the action.

On Twitter, it sent a Tweet that it later would regret.

The Fox station in Tampa created a meme (picture), with one side displaying a photo of Tampa Bay and its beautiful beaches, the other a photo of Detroit—not a city covered in snow—instead… a shot of a city in urban ruin, with the message “Good Luck, David!” on the bottom.

WTVT Fox 13 Tweet Detroit Tampa

In response, its Fox sister station, WJBK (both stations are owned by Fox Television), Tweeted back another meme showing Tiger stadium filled with fans and another of Tropicana Field with lots of empty seats.

Then the Fox Tampa station said I’m sorry: “We apologize, #Detroit. We wish David the best of luck no matter where he is! pic.twitter.com/ykhopLHTwX” and deleted its original Tweet, attaching a meme of faux anchor Ron Burgundy with the message “Well that escalated quickly.”

Deadline Detroit described Fox Tampa’s Tweet as a “nasty poke.”


Sports Illustrated has since jumped in, calling out WTVT in Tampa for “its awful Detroit joke” saying “Ha! Poverty! Hilarious!” and questioned how sincere the station was with its apology because it “doesn’t really convey sincerity.”

Yahoo! Sports writer David Brown calls WTVT, Fox 13’s actions were “shameful.”

“Not original or funny, just mean-spirited and misleading. In fact, St. Petersburg, Fla., (where the Rays play) doesn’t compare as well to Detroit as Fox 13 might think when it comes to crime. And if you’ve ever actually been to Detroit, and interacted with the people who work and live there, you’d never consider hurting their feelings like this.”

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