Dads flock to Atlanta for fatherhood event featuring former NFL coach Tony Dungy, comedian Jeff Foxworthy

All Pro Dad fatherhood event attracts 500 fathers who want to be inspired to be better dads

By Tyler Ragghianti
Posted on Aug 23, 2014 - 6:12pm

More than 500 dads attended All Pro Dad Live event in Atlanta. (DADDYHOOD) 1

More than 500 dads attended All Pro Dad Live event in Atlanta. (DADDYHOOD)

Today could’ve been a prime day for golf, fishing or chilling by the pool.

Instead Chris Wilburn, 40, from Dunwood, Ga. descended on a large meeting hall in Atlanta to talk fatherhood with about 500 other dads who wanted to be inspired to be better fathers.

Throughout the day, Wilburn listened to speakers like former NFL coach Tony Dungy, who talked about fatherhood and the importance of being a good dad.

“Tony Dungy said something that stuck. Don’t try to rush through any phase of life. If you put all your heart into doing something and you love what you do you’re going to be happier,” said Wilburn.

University of Georgia coach Mark Richt was also among the featured speakers at the All Pro Dad Live event today at Greater Atlanta Christian School’s Long Forum. The event was presented by the not for profit Family First organization.

The purpose was to inspire fathers and father figures to be the best dads they can be.

“We all get the bigger picture and are here for a common goal,” said Jason York from Smyrna, Ga. who doesn’t have kids but acts a mentor to kids at a local school who don’t have dads in their lives. “I originally thought this was just for dads but showing up I was immediately welcomed. It was clear that I didn’t have to have kids directly to get useful tools from today.”

Ironically, one of the most poignant and most serious moments came from a comedian.


Jeff Foxworthy, one of the featured speakers, told the crowd about how he kept a jar filled with beads to monitor how often he was away from home and on the road for a weekend.

“There were times I was offered a movie role that would take seven weekends and I looked at that jar… and said ‘that’s okay I think I will pass on this,'” Foxworthy said. “It doesn’t matter how much money you make or what movies you are in if you aren’t there for your kids.”

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