Reaction to first openly gay NFL draft selection Michael Sam joining Dallas Cowboys practice squad

Everything from congratulations to promises of an organized protest outside AT&T Stadium Sunday where Dallas will play

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Sep 4, 2014 - 10:57am


MICHAEL SAM REACTIONIf he makes the cut, Michael Sam will become the first openly gay man to play in the NFL.

That’s a good thing, a bad thing or not a thing at all depending on your perspective.

To right wing D.C. lobbyist Jack Burkman, who has spent the last few months pushing a bill in Congress that would ban openly gay players like Sam, it’s another example of extreme moral decay. He announced that he has organized a mass protest to take place this Sunday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

“We had planned to protest in St. Louis on Sunday. Now we’ll rally in Dallas instead,” says Burkman, who heads the national group of like-minded Christians. “We cannot just stand idly by as Christian values and morals are trampled. We will do whatever we can to preserve family values in this country.”

It’s not just openly gay players that bothers Burkman. He’s also pushing for stricter penalties for athletes accused of felony crimes.

As to the issue at hand, the Dallas Cowboys signed Sam to the practice squad just yesterday after he was cut from the St. Louis Rams.

Though Sam won’t play Sunday, Burkman says thousands of right wing Christians will be there to demonstrate outside AT&T Stadium. The group he formed, American Decency, boasts a membership roster of more than 3.62 million in 41 states. And talk of that protest is spreading.

The hiring of Sam for the practice squad is a controversial move for the Cowboys, if callers to a local radio station are any indication.

According to a report by KDFW, Channel 11 in Dallas, one fan who phoned into 105.3 The Fan attacked the team for its selection of Sam.


“I don’t want my kids looking up to me and say Daddy, what does that mean that he’s gay?” the caller said.

Of course not everyone agrees with that caller or Burkman.

Another fan told the station that Sam’s his on the field talents are what’s important.

“If he can use the speed to get around the corner and get to the quarterback, hey, that’s all we need.”

No matter how you feel about Michael Sam, he is the most famous unsigned player in NFL history. Earlier this week, he was invited by the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) to appear on Monday Night Raw to tell his story.

On social media, the public and celebrities are opining.

NFL and Dallas Cowboy veteran Emmitt Smith, known for his Conservative viewpoints, weighed in on Michael Sam to HuffPost Live, but kept his comments to game strategy.

“They can use whatever they can get. And if he brings something to the table that can help that defense get better than so be it.”

Burkman is a Washington, DC based political consultant and the #1 lobbyist in DC, according to The Hill. And in full disclosure, he’s also a client of The Publicity Agency, which is owned by Selig Multimedia, Inc., the same parent company as ‘Daddyhood.’

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