Dad uses Nike golf ball to extract son’s tooth

Here's an unorthodox way one dad decided to pull his son's tooth

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Dec 31, 2014 - 3:18pm

Dad extracts his son Noah's tooth using a Nike golf ball.

Dad extracts his son Noah’s tooth using a Nike golf ball.

Tugging on the tooth? Nope. Wiggling the tooth? Not.

Dad Phil Smith came up with a way to get that stubborn tooth out of Noah’s mouth: Use a Nike golf ball.

“My 7-year-old wanted to pull his tooth but was concerned it would be too painful to pull SLOWLY,” says Smith, “so we did it QUICKLY and in his words with no pain, just a little fear.”

Jury is out we guess whether this is an example of great fathering or something else.

But you heard right…

There’s a YouTube video, posted yesterday, called ‘How To Pull A Tooth with a golf club, golf ball and dental floss’ that Smith posted.

It begins with Smith on camera.

“It’s Philip here. Got my son here, Noah,” says Smith. “Noah’s got a tooth that’s a little bit loose. So we’re gonna pull it out in a unique way.”


A piece of floss is shown tied to Noah’s tooth, with the other end of the floss wound around a Nike golf ball.

“When we hit it, we’re hoping the tooth comes out of Noah’s mouth.”

Noah, wearing an Alabama football T-shirt, stands there nervously and nods in the affirmative when his dad asks him if he’s ready.

Dad then puts the Nike ball on a golf tee, and gives the ball a whack.

And it works!

“Awesome Phil – way to make life fun!!,” writes one person on YouTube. “Now….prepare for a bunch of 21st century sissies to come crying….”

Writes another: “Wonder if my daughter will let me try this?”

Take a look at the video yourself. And weigh in!

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