NBC’s Brian Williams daughter Allison Williams defends dad

Allison Williams, the star of 'Girls' and 'Peter Pan Live!', calls her father 'a really good man' and an 'honest man'

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Posted on Feb 19, 2015 - 2:29pm

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Actress Allison Williams defends her dad, Brian Williams during New York City event.

Two weeks ago, what daughter Allison Williams said publicly about her dad would not have been newsworthy–let alone headline-making.

But times are different since Brian Williams, the now suspended top-rated NBC Nightly News anchorman, was caught exaggerating a Iraq war story and punished for it by getting sidelined without pay for 6 months.

“This has been a really hard time. We have also been feeling very lucky, counting our blessings. We have our health. We have each other. It’s been incredible to experience the outreach from people you love, family, friends, and then people we don’t even know, strangers, just reaching out saying we want him back on TV,” she said.


Allison Williams, 26, did an interview with actor and talk show host Seth Meyers for an event at New York City’s 92nd Street Y cultural center. That event was the first time the public heard anything from Brian Williams’ immediate family since Williams’ stunning spiral.

“It’s been tough, though — obviously toughest on my dad, who’s bearing the full burden of responsibility for it,” she said.

The star of “Girls” and “Peter Pan Live!” defended her father and says he can and should be trusted.

“One thing the experience has not done is shake my trust and belief in him as a man. He’s a really good man. He’s an honest man. He’s a truthful man. He has so much integrity. He cares so much about journalism. And yes, he’s a really good dad,” she said. “I know you can trust him because, as any good daughter does, I’ve tested him on that.”

Brian Williams admitted he inaccurately but accidentally recounted a story that he was in a helicopter that was hit by ground fire in Iraq in 2003. He said he “misremembered.”

Allison Williams says she and her family are backing her dad.

“My dad has always been there for us 100 percent of the time, even sometimes before we knew we needed him. And so this, to be here for him, is the least we can do.”

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