Dad dresses as Elsa to take daughter Olaf for FROZEN-themed sing-along in London

Pictures of dad dressing as Elsa are going viral, with one million-plus views and counting

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Posted on Mar 25, 2015 - 10:11am


He is not quite the image of Elsa that we’ve all come to know from Disney’s FROZEN.

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Dad Rob Chillingworth and his daughter Ruby riding the tube in London on their way to a Disney sing-along appeared on Reddit and quickly went viral.

Though this Elsa wore a long, blue and sparkly dress and a blonde wig, dad Rob Chillingworth didn’t bother shaving his beard.

But Chillingworth was quite the head-turner as he road the train with his daughter Ruby, who sat beside him donned as the snowman Olaf, to attend a dress-up Disney-themed sing-along in London’s Leicester Square.

Someone snagged a photo of the two on the train, posted it to Reddit, and it quickly captured 1.5 million views in just a few days.

The comments flowed.

One person wrote: “Not knocking on the dad for spending time with his daughter. But why didn’t the dad dress as the snow man and his daughter dress as Elsa?”

The picture is not only getting talked about, but getting written about… everywhere!

“This dad deserves the praise for bonding with his daughter over their… costumes, and the idea that his donning a dress while his daughter wears the pants is an afterthought,” writes Yahoo! Parenting contributor Christine Coppa.

A second photo also materialized, this one of the two looking smiling as they emerged from the train ride.

dad dresses as elsa

“The kids had to dress up. I thought I had to as well,” Chillingworth told The Sun newspaper. “‘Ruby said ‘you be Elsa’. I had to get the dress made as I’m a big geezerand you can’t get them in my size.’

Because of this, Chillingsworth, a U.K. tattoo artist, is earning the honorary title of “Father of the Year” by some.

Other say there’s a lot more than being a dad than dressing up.

“A picture of a man dressed up as Queen Elsa does not make him ‘the best dad ever,'” writes Callum James Ninnis.

What do you think?

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