FBI raids home of Subway pitchman Jared Fogle

A father of two, Jared Fogle became famous after losing weight on a diet of Subway sandwiches

By Glenn Lawrence
Posted on Jul 8, 2015 - 4:29pm

INDIANAPOLIS (Daddyhood.net)  
jared Fogle was featured in hundreds of Subway commercials.

jared Fogle was featured in hundreds of Subway commercials.

If he ends up charged and arrested, Subway pitchman Jared Fogle won’t be eating fresh in jail.

Jared Fogle is a father of two and a husband. And he’s embroiled in a child pornography investigation being conducted by the FBI.

His attorney points out that Jared Fogle has neither been arrested nor charged.

“Jared has been cooperating, and continues to cooperate, with law enforcement in their investigation of unspecified charges and looks forward to its conclusion,” attorney Ron Elberger said in an email to the Indianapolis Star. “He has not been detained, arrested or charged with any crime or offense.”

FBI sources told FOX59 in Indianapolis that investigators were serving warrants at Fogle’s Indiana home in connection with a child pornography investigation.

Last month, 43-year old Russell Taylor, the executive director of Fogle’s charity The Jared Foundation, which encourages children to develop habits of healthy eating and exercise, was arrested and charged with seven counts of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornographer.

Some of the porn featured boys and girls as young as 9 year old, court documents show. Taylor was immediately terminated by Jared Fogle.

Yesterday in the early hours, the police were at Jared Fogle’s house carrying out evidence from his home outside Indianapolis. By the end of the day, Subway had suspended its commercial deal with Fogle.

Today, TMZ reported that the the charity CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) has terminated its four year relationship with Fogle’s charity, The Jared Foundation.

Also today, The Jared Foundation website appears to have been taken down. The page URL loads only with a blank white page.

After losing 235 pounds eating nothing but Subway sandwiches, Subway hired Jared Fogle as a spokesperson and has since done 300 commercials.

Jared Fogle’s story not only made him a celebrity, but according to reports, very wealthy. the New York Daily News reported his net worth at $15-million.

Can his career recover?

“That’s a difficult question to answer given I don’t know what’s going to happen next,” says Glenn Selig, a crisis management expert and founder of The Publicity Agency. “In addition to talking to lawyers I’d recommend he consult a crisis expert. If he’s not charged and this turns out to be a big mistake he should have a plan ready to go.”

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