Hollywood’s top sports medicine expert finds inspiration in fatherhood

By Daddyhood Staff
Posted on Mar 30, 2016 - 10:50am

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Daddyhood.net)  
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Dad, daughter time: Dr. Rand McLain, D.O. with Georgia.

Celebs will wind through the Hollywood Hills and battle L.A. traffic just to get in front of him. Make no mistake, Dr. Rand McLain, D.O., a sports and rejuvenation medicine expert, loves his patients more than Donald Trump loves his millions of voters. But, more than anything, his inspiration in life is not his impressive list of A-list actors he sees or the top class CEOs he coaches. It is family and fatherhood.

“I happen to be a doctor also. I happen to do sports medicine and rejuvenation and anti-aging, but foremost I am a dad to my daughter and my two stepsons.”

The kids are no longer little. They’re teenagers. His daughter is 16. One of his stepsons is also 16 and the other 19.

For a time, he was a single dad, juggling all the responsibilities on his own.

“When you are a single dad you are the mom and the dad. So I spent a lot of time with my daughter and that was a blessing. And I think we bonded better because of it.”

His single dad years were different than most. Just six years old at the time, his daughter’s biological mother was out of the picture dealing with an illness. As he juggled life and going to medical school at Western University in Pasadena, he literally would sleep in his car because driving back home was just not an option.

But he turned what would seem to most to be a negative, into a positive.

“It actually made for great bonding with my daughter and it was because it was just the two of us.”

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After his divorce from Georgia’s mom, and during medical school, McClain and his daughter often slept in this van.

That car was a bit larger than you might imagine. It was a Euro-van and it was plenty large enough to fit the two of them and their creativity.

“Those were some of the most cherished moments in my life, and I hope in my daughter’s life. We would just drive to a beach, park and she’d wake up in the morning. Instead of making snow angels she’d make sand angels. I can remember her saying this is the best time she had in her whole life.”

McClain dated his now wife 14 or 15 years (years, not months) before they got married, so he’s known his step kids since they were in the single digits. Still, blending the families has been an interesting process.

“Going to stepdad is quite a change. You have all the responsibility but you are not the ‘dad.’ You don’t have as much authority.”

It was something that he discussed with his wife, to make sure the transition went as smoothly as possible.

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Before they officially blended, the two families spent time together as one.

“Having that conversation and recognizing the situation and talking about it made it pretty easy. We did not have too many problems making that switch. It was in our own heads to begin with, everyone having that nervousness moving in together and wondering how things would be handled.”

As he balances the role of dad, stepdad and husband, during the workday McClain is a leading sports and rejuvenation medicine expert. At his office in chic Santa Monica, he and his team provide patients with personalized and comprehensive medical services so that patient’s reach their optimal level of health and recovery.

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In Vienna, Austria, dad and daughter outside the venue where Georgia played the cello with the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra.

The youthful-looking doctor is today a leading health expert who helps men recapture their youth. He practices what he preaches.

Looking young and possessing boundless energy is essential to remaining competitive everywhere these days, but no more so than in Tinseltown. Here, how you look, is even more important the car you drive or the designer clothing you don.

He has dedicated more than 35 years of his personal and professional life studying nutrition, exercise, herbs and supplements. But even after all that, the job he relishes most is family man. And watching his once little girl blossom into a young lady.

“I’m looking forward to staying around long enough to seeing her getting married to a great guy, and my princess living happily ever after. I think that’s any dad’s dream for his daughter.

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