Covering all kinds of stories from a dad’s point of view and featuring news, finance, family and parenting stories along with videos geared to dads, Daddyhood is an independent news entity launched on Father’s Day, June 15, 2014 as a Selig Multimedia, Inc. Company, a corporation which also owns and operates two global public relations properties.

Interactive DadWhile Daddyhood has always operated independently from the PR arms of the company, in March 2015, Daddyhood became a separate and independent company to avoid any appearances of a conflict of interest.

Daddyhood represents the vision of Glenn Selig, a father of two and former award-winning journalist who’s president and CEO of Selig Multimedia, Inc. Daddyhood is a rebirth of sorts of Interactive Dad, a website Glenn created when his now 12-year-old daughter was first born. He built Interactive Dad while working as a local television news reporter and anchor in Tampa.

Today Daddyhood features sections on fatherhood, news, parenting, family, fun, finance, sports and tech. It contains articles, videos and photos along with social media components.

Daddyhood is for all dads—new, divorced, single, traditional, gay or step.

No matter where a dad is on his journey, if you are a father, Daddyhood is designed with you in mind.