Our Logo

We’re about creating stories that hit home.

And when it comes to our logo, there’s a story behind it.

Of course, right?

The logo was designed by our publisher Glenn Selig’s 11-year-old daughter, Drew. She was determined to participate in the creation of this website after hearing her dad talk so much about it.

She took it upon herself to design a logo.

Glenn loved it! He got it to our graphic artist, Adam Farragut, and yada, yada, the rest is history.

See below: how it looked when Drew created it by hand and after Adam tweaked it.

Drew’s Logo by hand:daddyhood-drew

Adam’s final: logo for website

In the original, Drew incorporated a football, a tie, a soccer ball and a baseball.

In the final, we incorporated a baseball and bat to symbolize sports, a tie for work, a movie reel for fun, and a quarter for finance.

“I am so proud of her,” says Glenn, the ever-doting dad. “When my daughter wants to do something, boy does she do it! We are so in awe of her.”

So, indeed, there is a great back story to the Daddyhood logo!

And now you know.