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According to a new chart analysis that compares top press release distribution services, PR NewsChannel, the press release newswire and content syndicator, lands on top of the competition when it comes to offering the biggest bang for the buck. The chart compares the press release distribution services for: distribution to top news outlets, inclusion in major search engines, web distribution/syndication, free editorial review and press release writing services. Not only does PR NewsChannel charge on average of $100 less per press release...Continue reading »

Celebs will wind through the Hollywood Hills and battle L.A. traffic just to get in front of him. Make no mistake, Dr. Rand McLain, D.O., a sports and rejuvenation medicine expert, loves his patients more than Donald Trump loves his millions of voters. But, more than anything, his inspiration in life is not his impressive list of A-list actors he sees or the top class CEOs he coaches. It is family and fatherhood. “I happen to be a doctor also. I happen to do sports medicine and rejuvenation and anti-aging, but foremost I am a dad to my daughter...Continue reading »

Did you watch the finale of the Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC? The winner of that competition series (not a spoiler alert since it aired already) is a home in “Hollywood, California” that uses animatronics, the technique of making and operating lifelike robots, typically for use in film or other entertainment. In this case, it’s all over a Christmas lights display! The Great Christmas Light Fight 2015...Continue reading »

In his 40-year career Kevin Foo has done what others would consider impossible, dangerous and improbable: He develops mines in very remote locations—in constant search of the Holy Grails of mining. Today, Foo is Executive Chairman of the Victoria Oil and Gas, which is a significant supplier of industrial natural gas to Douala, the main city of Cameroon in Central Africa. Having lived and worked on five continents, Foo has earned the title of Indiana Jones...Continue reading »

Marek Stubley pulls the hand brake on his bike begrudgingly and smiles as he hears his daughter laugh from just up ahead. He may have lost the race, but the joy he hears from his daughter is all the prize he needs. Stubley and his wife Tereza live in a small village near Prague where they raise their two children, Emma, 5, and Adam, 2. It’s a very different life than he had growing up. His children get to live near nature and run through forests instead of running around the flats of the industrial city of Moravia, Stubley’s childhood...Continue reading »

This story from WCBS TV in New York caught our eye. It’s about the new fatherhood, dads who’ve chosen to have kids without a spouse. And though you hear about single women going this path, it’s not as common for men. ...

If he ends up charged and arrested, Subway pitchman Jared Fogle won’t be eating fresh in jail. Jared Fogle is a father of two and a husband. And he’s embroiled in a child pornography investigation being conducted by the FBI. His attorney points out that Jared Fogle has neither been arrested nor charged. “Jared has been cooperating, and continues to cooperate, with law enforcement in their investigation of unspecified charges and looks forward to its conclusion,” attorney Ron Elberger said in an email to the Continue reading »

If your kids are still young, here’s what your future may look like… This video titled, What Happens When Dads Hook Their Kids Up To Lie Detectors, shows grown-up kids answering questions posed to them by their dads as they’re strapped up to a polygraph. And it’s going viral. We thought we’d share the video from Distractify. WARNING: Some of it may not be suitable for young kids. Happy Father’s Day! [subscribe2] ...

From her home in Santa Monica, far from her native Kazakhstan, independent filmmaker and actress Gaukhar “Gia” Noortas beams as she talks about her latest project.. The movie is fiction. But the practice on which her movie is based is very real and is so common in Kazakhstan it has a name: tokal, second or additional wife. So far this trend has led to two best-selling novels and a TV talk show. And coming soon to a theater near you: a movie on the subject, aptly titled Tokal. Kazakhstan is the world’s largest supplier of uranium and...Continue reading »

In March 2014, an eye-popping $215-million investment from Chinese online search giant Alibaba thrust into the headlines. At the time, happily soaked up the attention with appearances on Fox Business and CNBC, and founders Uri Raz and Eric Setton even sat for a photo spread for the tech website re/code. One year later, facing questions about user figures and whether they might be inflated, that openness is gone. The company refuses to comment. It’s a monumental and remarkable shift from when Setton basked in bright studio...Continue reading »