2019 iPhone XR Color Options May Have Been Revealed By Glass Shards

The next-generation iPhone XR's color options may have already been revealed, according to a new report.
On an interesting note, the new selection was divulged by way of glass shards.
2019 iPhone XR Colors
As posted
on Twitter by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the colors for the iPhone XR successor will include the familiar black, white, and yellow, as well as new lavender purple and green options, which will replace blue and coral, it seems.
And here's what appear to be your next-generation iPhone XR colors (lavender purple and green instead of blue and coral) as @idanbo
reported earlier this week: https://t.co/KQQ6JKmZg9
— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) May 14, 2019
It's unclear where these pieces of glass came from, but they're possibly panels that broke during quality assurance tests.
Gurman also pointed out that the new color options of the next iPhone XR model were first reported
by Japanese Apple-dedicated blog Mac Otakara (via MacRumors
The report corroborates Gurman's findings that the phone will come in green, lavender, black, white, and yellow. It also mentioned that it'll be available in (PRODUCT)RED, which wasn't included in the picture of glass shards posted above.
Other iPhone XR Reports
Before this, Gurman also tweeted
a picture of purported case moldings of the iPhone XR and of the two high-end iPhones expected in 2019. If the image turns out to be true, then the former will have a dual-camera setup, while the latter two will have three cameras, all of which will have a square bump.
Other than the camera, the 2019 iPhone XR is expected to more or less sport the same design as the current model.
The iPhone XR is one of the best smartphones around, and it's arguably better than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. After all, it has the best battery life out of all the iPhones ever released so far, boasts flagship features, and costs a whole lot less than its pricier siblings. In fact, it's the reason why Android users are switching over
to iOS.

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