Anti-Semitic trolls on pro-Corbyn Facebook pages face prosecution

Anti-Semitic trolls who posted racist and Holocaust-denying comments on pro-Corbyn Facebook pages may face charges for hate crimes.
The Metropolitan police believe the vile outpourings meet the threshold for the Crown Prosecution Service to start hate crime proceedings, reports theTelegraph.
The exact content of the six posts is unknown but they were uncovered during a six-month investigation into social media posts.
It comes after a cross-party group of peers, led by Lord Polak, complained to Britain's top police officer Cressida Dick about posts promoting 'hate speech' online and claimed that several pro-Corbyn groups were featuring 'anti-Semitic rhetoric stirring up racial hatred'.
Examples they gave in the complaint included a Facebook group called Supporting Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell, which wrote: 'Adolph [sic] you should have finished the job.'
Another group, called Jeremy Corbyn Leads Us To Victory, made posts denying the holocaust had happened, with one saying: 'Six million is a fallacy. Best people stop having the wool pulled over their eyes.'
The Special Inquiry Team at the Met police have passed six of the worst posts they uncovered to the CPS for advice on possible prosecuting the authors. It is not known how many people posted the messages.
Lord Carlile QC, a lawyer who signed the letter of complaint sent to the Commissioner of the Met police, told the Telegraph: 'The fact that they found, six amount to possible criminal offences is very significant. 
'It sends out a warning to people who post these kinds of messages that they are under close scrutiny and may be committing a crime.'
He also accused the Labour leader of 'failing to get a grip' on anti-Semitism within the party.
Between 2007-08 and 2016-17, the percentage hate crimes took up of the total caseload for the CPS almost doubled from 1.3 per cent to 2.5 per cent. 
In 2016-17, 14,480 were prosecuted for hate crimes - down from 15,442 the year before. 
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