Boat blocks Toronto highway on Canada Day, sparks national caption contest

Drivers who opted to cut a few minutes off of their Canada Day travels this year by paying the toll and hopping on the 407 ETR Highway in the Greater Toronto Area were rewarded by an interesting sight. 
Because at some point on July 1, 2019, there was a large water vessel parked haphazardly across the left lane of the 100-km/h highway.
The 20-ish-foot motorboat allegedly fell off a trailer on its way to or from one of Ontario's boat-friendly bodies of water, thus blocking the left two lanes of the 407 Highway near Dixie Road.
As a way of letting the public know about the potential delay – though traffic looks to be moving pretty well in the photo provided – the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) shipped out a Tweet asking the public to caption the photo, which shows the boat lying perpendicular to the traffic lines, its white paint scraped off on the highway's surface. 
Caption? This boat ended up on #Hwy407
at Dixie Rd tonight. No one hurt. #HappyCanadaDay
— Sgt Kerry Schmidt (@OPP_HSD) July 2, 2019
So far, around 200 commenters have joined in on the fun. 
There were, naturally, some fine boat puns – e.g. 'That's a HULL of a mess,' 'This gives a whole new meaning to dry docking!!' – but also
 a spot-on reference to
Gilligan's Island
?? a 3 hour tour.????????
— Glen Baxby (@rvr600) July 2, 2019
One user dipped into the emoji stash to make the boat appear less out of place:
— AnnieBodyCaNaDa (@AnnieBodyCanada) July 2, 2019
While another one used the power of the GIF to narrate the scene:
— LynnMichelleWNKLMR?????? (@deafmamaof3) July 2, 2019
Some of the locals made it a GTA inside joke, getting cute with the location: 
No, not Dixie, it was at KEEL
— David Nugent (@davidbnugent) July 2, 2019
Others blamed the environment: 
Global warming at its finest.
— Randy Narine (@RandyNarinee) July 2, 2019
Got a caption to pin on this boat that's run a-shoulder? Comment on the Tweet thread, or, if you don't have Twitter, drop it in the comments below.
Other than the photo, police haven't released any information on how or by whom the boat was parked on the highway. 

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