British star who lost children was 'struggling with death of parent'

A heartbroken soap star who lost her children to her ex-husband in a custody battle was struggling with the death of one of her parents at the time. 
According to reports, the actress, who cannot be named for legal reasons, took to social media to share her devastation over the loss before quickly deleting the posts.
She also launched a furious attack on her husband, who she allegedly accused of being secretly addicted to pornography.
A source told the Sun she 'was struggling with the death of a parent. They found it really hard and battled with their grief.' 
The soap star posted: 'It breaks my heart so much. No mother deserves this punishment.
'I've messed up I admit but I don't deserve to lose [them]. I hope your [sic] happy. I hate your guts.'
She did not elaborate on how she had 'messed up' in her personal life, but said she was 'heartbroken' at being separated from her children.
When a friend commented in support, she reportedly replied: 'Thanks darlin. I'm heartbroken. How sad I met a guy who looked at this stuff all our married life. You knock me sick.'
She did not go on to explain how she had 'messed up'.
A source close to the TV star, who is a household name, is getting support for her issues from friends in the industry.
They told the Daily Star:  'Many people in the business had no idea of what she was going through.' 
The actress did not respond to the newspaper's requests for comment last night. 
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