ClearVue boosts solar glass plans with Taiwan manufacturing deal

Perth-based company ClearVue Technologies has inked a deal that will see it producing a key component of its transparent solar glass technology in an established PV factory in Taiwan.
The company says it has signed an MOU with Chinese company BeyondPV to set up a dedicated production line for solar strip modules at a production facility in Tainan, and work cooperatively to maximise production and shipments.
For its part of the deal, BeyondPV will design, manufacture and supply solar PV strip modules – pictured below – for use by ClearVue, and will invest $US3.5 million of its own funds towards the production venture.
BeyondPV – itself a leading developer and designer of photovoltaic technologies including monocrystalline silicon panels and modules – has also agreed to work with ClearVue on ongoing research and development and product improvement.
For ClearVue, the deal represents a 'significant step forward' for the company in ensuring the supply of high-quality high-performance solar strip modules – a key component of the Insulated Glass Units (IGU) ClearVue uses in its solar windows.
The solar strip cells go around the edges of the IGUs, while the lamination interlayer between the glass uses ClearVue's patented proprietary nano and micro particles, as well as its spectral selective coating on the rear external surface.
'BeyondPV's investment into production facilities for creating the ClearVue solar strip modules, a critical component in the ClearVue IGU design and products is a wonderful testament to the commitment that BeyondPV has demonstrated in the ClearVue product and our vision for solar PV generating smart windows and facades,' said ClearVue chair Victor Rosenberg in a statement.
BeyondPV President, Dr Wei-Lun Lu said his company could offer a dedicated team of world leading solar specialists.
'(We) are on board to work with ClearVue to grow this significant new opportunity together,' he said.
The deal is the latest in a series of key milestones for ClearVue, including the February completion of the company's first commercial demonstration
– a solar glass atrium at the entrance to a suburban Perth shopping centre.
The installation at the Warwick Grove Shopping Centre – pictured at the top of the story – will be used alongside battery storage to power lighting, signage and a display screen at the retail outlet.
Sophie Vorrath
Sophie is editor of One Step Off The Grid
and deputy editor of its sister site, Renew Economy
. Sophie has been writing about clean energy for more than a decade.

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