Clubs should wait until summer to shop... unless they're at the bottom

There have been successful buys in the January transfer window but generally it's harder for new players to move this month compared to the summer.
I can see why teams fighting relegation like Huddersfield and Fulham would be tempted by a short-term fix but I can't see why the big six would want to splash the cash now, with the possible exception of Arsenal, who need to strengthen at the back to have any hope of finishing in the top four.
Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United
are fine squad-wise until the end of the season. If Spurs lose Mousa Dembele, they won't immediately find another midfielder good enough to displace Harry Winks, Moussa Sissoko or Eric Dier. 
Even Chelsea, who seem keen to sign a new striker, would be better off giving the job to Olivier Giroud this season and then shop properly in the summer for a Gonzalo Higuain or Callum Wilson.
Why am I down on January signings? Because no matter how talented or strong you are, fitting into a new group in the middle of the season and making an impression is daunting.
When you arrive, everyone else is in a rhythm, they know the training schedules, understand the manager's philosophy and, most importantly, already have strong bonds and friendships in the dressing room. 
Adapting to a new job takes time for anyone and footballers aren't any different regardless of what they earn or because they can stay in a posher hotel.
Most players want to be liked and be accepted by their peers. In the summer, you have pre-season tours, easier friendly matches, things that help you integrate in a more natural way.
In January and February, there is no escape from the pressure. It's bang-bang, fixture after fixture, often the team you've joined is struggling and things can get difficult if you don't hit the ground running. That becomes even harder if you're coming to England for the first time, have left family behind in another part of the country or put somebody's nose out of joint by taking their place. 
I moved in January once, from Charlton to Spurs. I'd had little disagreements with Alan Curbishley at Charlton and Spurs came in, though it took until deadline day to get over the line.
I wasn't match fit because I'd been on the bench but, after a couple of days training, I thought I might have to start against Sunderland because Edgar Davids was struggling with an injury. It was a bit of a worry, though in the end Edgar did last the first hour before I came on.
I spent most of that first season as a substitute. Spurs had a strong team but it took me time to acclimatise. In contrast, my summer moves to Liverpool, Charlton and Fulham were a lot calmer, I had time to blend in and start on the right foot. 
The best January signings tend to be the slow burners, the ones allowed by their manager to learn about the new club. Patrice Evra was hooked at half-time on his Manchester United debut but later became a legend.
For every Virgil van Dijk at Liverpool, there is an Alexandre Pato (Chelsea), Kim Kallstrom (Arsenal) or Kostas Mitroglu (Fulham).
It must be a pain in the backside for some clubs on the selling side as well. Just as things are starting to go swimmingly at West Ham for example, Marko Arnautovic is offered a king's ransom in China.
I see the sense in some clubs speculating. But for the big boys, I don't see much point. The January transfer window should be seen as a last resort, not the first.

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