Every Mercedes-AMG model will soon come with a hybrid option

Mercedes-AMG will add a plug-in hybrid option to every one
of its vehicles soon, which will improve performance but shift the brand's strategy.
According to Autocar
, Mercedes' head of external affairs for emissions Frank Overmeyer says the brand's performance arm will not introduce any mild hybrids, only plug-in options, as the emissions savings are much greater with a plug-in.
While we'd already been aware a hybrid V8 would replace the company's V12s
, the breadth of this electrification is – we have to – shocking news.
The move comes as Mercedes-Benz attempts to dramatically reduce its CO2 emissions, a 9-billion-pound venture
that will see the electrification of many other models.
Instead of the usual Mercedes-Benz hybrid system geared for efficiency, the technology in AMG's vehicles will be tuned for performance; instead of the usual 100-km battery range on a single charge, expect closer to 60 or 70 km.
The system will be branded the same way Mercedes does its Formula 1 cars, with the EQ Power+ badge. The latest in the series of plug-in technologies makes 121 horsepower and 325 lb.-ft. of torque by itself, meaning once connected to an AMG engine, we should see a huge boost in performance.
Mercedes-AMG is killing off its twin-turbo V12 engine
Mercedes-AMG's GLE 53 gets Benz's hybrid inline-six, tweaked to 429 hp
The first concept shared with this technology was the 2017 AMG-GT sedan, which featured an electrified powertrain to go along with the 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 for a combined system output of 805 horsepower.
The first production AMG PHEV should arrive in 2020. The automaker's also said in the future it will eventually shift to all-electric models, because it has to.

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