Father, 71, killed 'trying to save others' from gunman

Devastated friends and family have spoken of their grief and heartbreak as they anxiously await news of loved ones as the first victim of the New Zealand atrocity is named.
Omar Nabi said his father Haji-Daoud Nabi, 71, who moved to New Zealand from Afghanistan 30 years ago, was among those killed the Deans Ave Mosque in Christchurch yesterday.
Mr Nabi said his father, who ran the Afghan Association, was killed as he tried to save another person from the gunman.
He told Stuff
: 'I got told by my best friend's father to him, that he leaped on somebody else to save their life.'
'He jumped in the firing line to save somebody else's life and he has passed away.'
Mr Nabi said he was lost and the tragedy was outrageous.
His brother Yama who was outside court this morning said his father had been in New Zealand for 30 years.
'I never expected it to happen in New Zealand, it's a peaceful country,' he said.
Several other people remain missing including Mucad Ibrahim, 3, and Syed Jahandad Ali, according to Stuff.
Meanwhile several others have spoken of the anxious wait for news of loved ones.
Mohammed Alam told 9News he has lost five friends who were in the mosque, including two doctors and a midwife.
'We are missing friends got a message they passed away,' he said.
Mr Alam said one of those included a local guardian who not only helped the Bangladesh community but also other Muslims throughout Christchurch, particularly women.
Another man revealed how he has been waiting to hear confirmation if one of his friends was okay.
'It's difficult, it's unexpected this type of thing,' he said.
The friend said he couldn't even let his family know whether he was even alive or dead.

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