Fiat Chrysler faces lawsuit over Jeep steering wobble

Fiat Chrysler's lawyers have been having a good year, financially speaking.
The latest overtime they're taking on comes thanks to a New Jersey resident who's behind a new class-action lawsuit recently filed against the international automaker.
The suit claims Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
“defectively designed and/or manufactured front axle and damping system,' which, when triggered, can cause the steering of Jeep Wranglers made from 2015 to 2018 to shake while travelling over certain speeds or terrain, and that it didn't warn drivers about the flaw.
The Wrangler
's solid front axle allegedly can't handle the road the same way the suspension can, occasionally causing the front axle and steering to fall out of line and begin oscillating at highway speeds, reports the
Detroit Free Press
The automaker acknowledges the issue exists, but claims it's due to faulty aftermarket equipment, damaged steering components and/or improper tire pressure, not bad building.
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No fatalities or injuries have been reported, but the suit takes aim at the fact FCA has neglected to declare the issue a safety hazard, and doesn't warn potential buyers of the problem.
'Rather than address it – or disclose its possibility and/or warn drivers at the point of sale – FCA simply claims in a news article that the ‘Death Wobble' is not a ‘safety issue' and that it ‘can happen with any vehicle that has a solid front axle (rather than an independent front suspension), such as the Wrangler,' reads the lawsuit. 
The class-action litigation is seeking to force FCA to offer a buy-back program to affected drivers, along with punitive damages.

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