Firefighter has to rush to 999 emergency half way through hair cut

A firefighter who was scrambled to a blaze mid-hair cut had to rush out with his head half shaved.
Father-of-three Joe Cartwright was having a trim at the barbers near his home in Devon yesterday when he was called to a farm fire nearby.
He had to leave just after 1pm with a bizarre strip shaved into his head to make sure the hay bales that had caught fire near a barn didn't set the rest of the building ablaze.
The hilarious incident was shared on social media by his bosses at Buckfastleigh Fire Station.
They wrote on Facebook: 'To be a retained firefighter takes a certain type of person.
'To respond to your alerter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week takes dedication, stopping what you're doing no matter what!
'However leaving a haircut halfway through when your alerter goes off is on another level.'
He told MailOnline: 'The kids were at school so I thought I'd grab out a haircut.
'But I was literally a couple of seconds into the cut when my alerter went off.
'I only had my hair like that for a couple of hours at most - but my colleagues thought it was hilarious and kept asking me whether I was trying to set a new trend.' 
Mr Cartwright, who also works as a student paramedic for South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, later posted a picture to show someone had finished the job.
He works full time for the ambulance service, but is on call 84 hours a week as a retained firefighter. 
The rescue worker decided not to book time off to get his hair cut, as that would have taken a whole fire engine out of service, he said.  
He wrote: 'It's all done now,' with commenters poking fun at his odd hairdo. 
One person said: 'Well done lads and lass (sic) of our fire service we love you all.'
While another firefighter wrote: 'Brilliant. I've responded with hair dye on before.'
Another said: 'Buckfastleigh chic,' as someone else posted: 'What's more disturbing here is the fact the barber started cutting at the top of the head.'

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