Hertz's 'Kollektion 7' rental program is a tribute to German automotive greatness

International car rental company
has introduced a new curated experience meant to honour German performance and luxury.
The 'Kollektion 7 – Made in Germany' deal offers seven high-end German vehicles from seven branded lounge locations throughout the European nation.
The program will launch at Frankfurt Airport, where drivers can pick up select rides from Porsche, BMW and Mercedes Benz, in one of three colours – red, black or yellow – to match the German flag.
The seven cars on tap include the Porsche Macan S, Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid
, Porsche 718 Boxster, Mercedes-AMG GT, Mercedes-AMG GT 63 4-door coupe, BMW M850i Cabriolet
and BMW Z4
'Around the world, the 'Made in Germany' moniker is a hallmark of quality and engineering excellence,' said Alida Scholtz, Managing Director of Hertz Germany, in a press release.
'This new collection brings those values to life—allowing Hertz customers to experience premium automotive and high-end German brands in a unique, engaging, and entertaining way.'
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Drivers will eventually be able to check in and out at the six other Kollektion 7-themed lounges across Germany, including locations in Munich and Düsseldorf, which are scheduled to be opened later in 2019.
According to Hertz, each location will provide concierge service along with 'a unique, city-specific driving experience, giving visitors the opportunity to get to know the specific characteristics of different regions—and to discover what makes Germany so special, with unique insights from Hertz.' Those 'insights' also include a gift basket that comes with each rental, filled with local products to enjoy on your trip.
So, if you're planning a driving getaway in Deutschland
, you might as well do it in the 304-km/h Mercedes-AMG GT, which is available for rental exclusively from Hertz.

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