JERMAINE JENAS: Eden Hazard is not yet the best footballer in Europe

Maurizio Sarri thinks Eden Hazard is the best footballer in Europe after Saturday's hat-trick but I don't believe Hazard is there yet.
He's a brilliant player, no question, in the 'world class' category, however you want to define that. He lit up the Premier League as soon as he arrived at Chelsea from Lille in 2012, and has been a major asset.
You watch games and he does things that blow your mind. His technical ability is superb, his professionalism likewise, and he scores goals. But to say he's the best in Europe now: in a word, no.
Lionel Messi fills that spot, by far. And Cristiano Ronaldo comes next for the consistency of what he's done and is continuing to do.
Hazard belongs in the mix below those two, a level that includes Mo Salah, Neymar and Kevin de Bruyne to name three. Kylian Mbappe is in the debate around them, and Luka Modric. Hazard hasn't quite reached that level of domination where he shapes not just games but seasons to his will.
 I'd point to Salah at Liverpool last term as one example of someone who did, to Gareth Bale in his Tottenham pomp, to Messi most seasons, Ronaldo year on year.
Hazard will need to add a selfishness that puts him into the 20-plus goals per season category. By selfish I don't mean ruthless - he's already that and a clinical finisher. I mean being demanding about playing the game he wants to play. In a strange way, his professionalism and his willingness to do whatever his managers want have hindered that push.
He's had a new boss every year or two and been asked to fulfil so many roles.
The very best players, they say 'This is what I do', and they do it. Hazard can get there one day.

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