Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold hopes to beat world chess champion

Liverpool teenager Trent Alexander-Arnold has revealed his secret love for chess and is set to put his talent to the test against the current world champion.
While many players his age are whiling away the hours playing video games such as Fortnite, 19-year-old right back Alexander-Arnold likes to unwind with a battle of 'strategy and skill' on the board.
Liverpool team-mate Ben Woodburn is his regular opponent but Alexander-Arnold make a big step up on October 8 when he takes on Magnus Carlsen, who has been world champion for the past eight years.
Norwegian Carlsen will expect to beat Alexander-Arnold with ease but the Liverpool ace, dubbed the 'Melwood Grandmaster', has other ideas. 
'Chess, like football, is all about strategy and skill,' explained Alexander-Arnold, who will receive training courtesy of Kaspersky Lab in the form of two junior chess stars.
'Judging when and how to attack, whilst keeping a watchful eye on your defence. The pieces, like players have different positions, places and qualities and you need to know how to get the best use of them in order to get the result.
'When Kaspersky Lab came to me I jumped at the chance. Football has always been my passion but, alongside that I have always played chess.
'It's a release for me. I've played since I was very young and more recently I play Ben Woodburn regularly, even though he is in Sheffield at the moment we still have time for matches.
'Magnus will be a tough test, but I think with Kaspersky Lab's help, I might surprise people.'
Alexander-Arnold's mentors are nine-year-old Shreyas Royal and Kyan Bui, 12.
Co-coach, Shreyas said via his father Jitendra Singh: 'Although Trent is ten years my senior, I am confident in helping him shock Magnus.
'I can see that his skills on the pitch are equally matched by his talents on a chessboard and cannot wait to work together and maybe, just maybe, shock the "unbeatable" Magnus Carlsen.'
Carlsen will defend his world title in a 12-game clash with American Fabiano Caruana in London between November 9 and 28.

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