Magnum goes VEGAN! Ice cream fans in meltdown with two new flavours

Magnum has released two new vegan ice creams made from a plant based pea protein. 
Available in two flavours the ice creams are already proving to be a big hit with vegans around the country who are celebrating plant-based products becoming more easily available. 
The Vegan Classic is similar to the brands signature treat having a solid chocolate couverture wrapped around ice cream inside.
And the Vegan Almond ice cream has crunchy almond bits embedded in the outer layer. 
The vegan chocolate has been made with responsibly sourced cocoa beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.
Magnum has even made sure the treats have been certified as Vegan by the European Vegetarian Union.
The new release comes after two successful launches in Sweden and Finland, reports HuffPost.
The Ice creams, which come in packs of four, are priced at a very reasonable £3.69 and are initially available at Tesco.
Vegan's on Twitter have expressed their joy at plant based products becoming more mainstream and finally being able to enjoy some delicious ice cream. 
One person wrote: 'Vegan Magnum ice-creams launched today and Hellman's vegan mayo coming soon... what a time to be alive!'
Others showed off their vegan ice creams to friends, spreading the word about the new product. 
'Anything that makes plant-based options more accessible and appealing to all is brilliant. I'm excited. The speed of change is breathtaking.'
Another tweeted: 'New vegan magnum in Tesco peeps £3.89 veganism is definitely on the rise, it's awesome.' 
However some have already questioned how easy it will be to source some of Magnum's newest products before the supermarket freezers are emptied.   
Stuart wrote: 'A vegan magnum, now I am genuinely impressed. How easy will it be to get though?' 
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