McLaren made a mini electric 720S for kids

McLaren is hoping to win over the next generation of supercar drivers with its latest product, an electric 720S made for children. 
The McLaren 720S Ride-On is the second small electric vehicle from the British manufacturer — they did a tiny P1 a few years back — designed for children from age three to six. 
Stylistically, the 720S Ride-On is clearly cut from the same cloth as the adult-sized version
, but at a starting price of just £315 ($523), it's a whole lot more attainable. And according to a Youtube preview of the mini McLaren in action, it can handle an adult behind the wheel, so long as you're fine using the steering wheel between your shins. 
The 720S Ride-On brings the realism with functioning butterfly doors, engine noise that plays from the speakers when the accelerator is depressed, front lights, and brake lights that illuminate when the brakes are applied. It's also got faux exhaust tips, and 'carbon-style elements'. 
And don't worry about your kid having
the fun, because there's also an optional remote function that lets you control where the car goes or doesn't go. 
The McLaren 720S Ride-On comes in a bunch of colours including Papaya Spark (available only at official McLaren retailers), Saros Grey, Onyx Black, Belize Blue, Azores Orange and more, and is available for order now at select toy stores. 

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