Mohamed Noor appeals conviction for killing Justine Damond

Mohamed Noor, the Minnesota police officer that murdered Australian woman Justine Ruszczyk, is seeking an acquittal.
Paperwork filed in the Hennepin Country Court show Mr Noor's attorneys motioning to have the third degree murder and second degree manslaughter charges overturned.
'The evidence at trial failed to support a finding that Mr. Noor acted with a depraved heart', the documents say.

'His immediate response, as captured by the body worn cameras, shows an officer distraught by his actions.
'He pled for J.R.'s (Justin Ruszczyk) life and when directed by Officer Harrity he performed CPR until the first responders arrived.'

A jury found Mohamed Noor guilty two weeks ago after a landmark trial lasting a month.
The former police officer is being held at Minnesota's only maximum security prison and is due to be sentenced on June 7.

The case captured attention on both sides of the Pacific after the Australian woman was shot and killed in July, 2017.
Ms Ruszczyk had called 911 to report what she believed was an assault near her house and approached the car where Mr Noor was sitting with his partner.
Mr Noor shot from the passenger seat, across his partner, killing Ms Ruszczyk who had appeared at the driver's side window.
'There needs to be changes made so that no one ever has to go through this', Ms Ruszczyk's fiancé Don Damond said.
'This is a policing issue'.
Mr Noor's legal team will argue there was insufficient evidence to convict the 33-year- old.  
The city of Minneapolis will pay more than $28 million ($20 million USD) to her family, who are from Sydney's Northern Beaches.
The settlement, which will be paid by the city's self-insurance fund, calls for Ruszczyk's family to donate $2 million to a local foundation's fund aimed at addressing gun violence.

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