News Roundup: Paging MR SEXY, police have your stolen license plates

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MR SEXY still hasn't claimed his amazing custom license plates
An Ontario police sergeant's
inquiring Tweet has gone viral
after he caught an improperly licensed teen speeding in a Maserati with a pair of stolen vanity plates that read MR SEXY. The sergeant pulled the 17-year-old driver over after busting him shredding through Mississauga at 150 km/h, then discovered he only had his G2 and that the plates were stolen.
From where, however, remains a mystery. The Tweet, which was hashtagged #MrSexy and #NotCool, calls for the rightful owner to come forward and claim their amazing custom plates. Still no word from the owner and the world can hardly take it. Who is MR SEXY?!
Ford takes a mulligan on the new Ranger due to faulty shifter
Despite the hype surrounding the vehicle, around 3,500 new Ford Rangers built in Michigan last year have already
recalled due to an issue with the shifter
. Apparently the faulty shifters can sometimes be moved out of 'PARK' while the truck is turned off. Nobody has been hurt, and no accidents have been reported as a result, but it's still an annoyance for a few thousand drivers, including about 500 Canadians.
Ram updates its tailgate with a saloon-door-style split
It's called the
Multifunction Tailgate
and it might just be the biggest thing to happen to the back of a pickup truck in generations. New to the 2019 1500, the tailgate features a 60/40 split, allowing it to swing open similar to a barn door, as well as be dropped like a traditional tailgate.
It's one of those inventions that makes you wonder 'why didn't anyone think of this before?' as it allows for easier cleaning and easier loading, including by forklift. It'll be available on seven Ram 1500 trim levels as of mid-2019.
'Mythbusters Jr.' seriously angered enthusiasts by intentionally trashing a Toyota MR2
One does not destroy a Toyota MR2
on purpose—it just isn't done. That's the clear and consistent message Internet users are sending to the cast and staff of the TV show
Mythbusters Jr.
after they sacrificed one of the precious machines to a stunt that could've used literally any other vehicle.
A Corolla, a Camry, a Rav4, any Toyota
but this! The team was testing whether a normal toy domino could start a chain reaction forceful enough to topple a massive 7,000-lb domino. Come to think of it, they really didn't need to crush any car!
Jerry Seinfeld is in hot water for allegedly selling someone a fake Porsche
The 64-year-old comedian doesn't exactly seem like the kind of guy to hawk fake vintage cars, but according to a new lawsuit filed against him,
he allegedly sold a 1958 Porsche 356 A 1500 GS/GT Carrera Speedster
that wasn't exactly what it seemed to a company called Fica Frio Limited in 2016 for $US1.5-million. The company hasn't explained how they know the Auratium Green collector's item is a fake, but Seinfeld's lawyer has called the lawsuit 'frivolous,' saying that they've asked for evidence and nothing has been provided.

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