Penis Extensions Are Ineffective, Risky, And Wrong On Every Level: Study

Scientists are warning men against the false promises of penis enlargements, saying various procedures are not effective and have risks and complications.
The efficacy of penis extension and enlargement treatments was evaluated based on patient satisfaction, penile size increase, and complications.
Not Effective, Risky
A recent study published
in the Sexual Medicine Reviews
journal stated that procedures aiming to enhance the size of the penis
were not effective and often resulted in complications. In fact, in some cases, the patients were even disfigured.
The research led by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King's College London investigated enhancement and non-enhancement interventions in men without penile abnormalities who are seeking to increase their penis size.
The meta-analysis probed 17 previous studies that assessed 21 surgical and nonsurgical procedures that enhance penis size performed in 1,192 men in Britain and other countries. Among these procedures include vacuum devices and injectables.
In nonsurgical treatments that used extenders, some men increased in length — but by less than 2 centimeters. In procedures using injectables, men have reportedly "increased girth but were associated with a high complication rate." Procedures that involved vacuum devices "did not increase size," according to the study.
The satisfaction rates with the said procedures are no more than 20 percent and carried significant risks of major complications, such as penile deformity, shortening, and erectile dysfunction
"These procedures should almost never be done," said Gordon Muir, a urologist at King's College Hospital in London and lead researcher of the study.
Even pills and lotions that claim to lengthen and enlarge the penis "have no proven benefit" and are "a complete waste of time."
Males With Regular-Sized Members
"Many men who wish to undergo penis enlargement procedures have an average-sized penis but believe their size to be inadequate ... It's wrong on every level," said
For surgical treatments, some men reported a significant penis size increase
, but none of the available techniques were proven successful by other parties. Injecting dermal fillers into the penis and suspensory ligament incision are among the most common penile enlargement procedures.
Some clinics actually persuade men to pay as much as £40,000 or an estimated $52,000 for operations. Muir described those offering so-called penis extension and enlargement treatments as a "bunch of charlatans out there preying on these vulnerable men."
Most penile surgeries are carried out by private clinics, and the National Health Service only performs penile operations for clinical reasons and not for cosmetic purposes.
The report said an unknown number of men who seek such penile enlargement treatments have either body dysmorphic disorder or penile dysfunction disorder, both of which involve an obsessive dissatisfaction with their appearance.

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