Prepare To See Even More Ads On Google Apps

Google is putting more ads on its apps. The company has announced that it will begin serving up a whole new slew of ads across a number of its services on mobile. For starters, the Discover feed in the Google app
will be getting ads for the first time ever.
Meanwhile, Google will also be inserting more promotional posts within Image Search results, and also on YouTube feeds and inbox tabs on Gmail
. There will be two primary formats in which the ads may appear as: "gallery" and "discovery." Gallery ads involve multiple images that users can swipe through. Discovery ads, on the other hand, place sponsored posts in areas where people are typically looking for content that's tailored for them.
Google Discover And Gallery Ads
Discover ads will appear within the Discover food inside the Google app among other places, including suggested news articles and other content related to the user's specific interests. Gallery ads, meanwhile, will roll out later this year and crowd search results.
According to Google, that format has produced 25 percent more interactions and engagement compared to more static ads. It also notes that 76 percent of consumers enjoy making unexpected discovereis when shopping, and that 85 percent will take a product-related action within 24 hours of discovery.
"In a world where we have less time and more options, it's crucial for brands to anticipate what consumers need in order to stand out," writes
Google in a blog post targeted at marketers. "Whether you're a scrappy entrepreneur or a large company, your marketing goals remains the same: reaching people at the right moments with the right offer."
For users, the takeaway is, obviously, more ads in more places than before. That's a bummer, though hardly surprising. Google, after all, makes the most bank
with its advertising business, and opening up even more channels in which they can appear stands to boost its revenue even further.
Google Is Ramping Up Ads
Earlier this year, the company introduced sponsored content on Android TV
, much to the dismay of smart TV owners. It has also begun experimenting with shoppable ads, as so they're called, which allow people to buy products directly from image search results. Google has also been injecting shopping links on YouTube videos, which allow customers to buy items directly through its own Google Express shopping platform. Again, these efforts hardly come as surprising changes.
Thoughts on Google serving up more ads moving forward? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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