Quarter of fans witnessed racism last season, Chelsea worst offenders

A new study has revealed the shocking rise of racism, homophobia, violence and drug taking across Premier League
grounds this season.
have come out on top in three of the four offences in a survey conducted by Free Super Tips on the eve of the release of next season's Premier League fixtures.
More than a quarter (28 per cent) of people who attended matches claimed to have witnessed racism, with Chelsea fans engaging in most incidents.
Nearly half (41 per cent) of Blues supporters witnessed their own fans being racist at Stamford Bridge.
More than a quarter of Manchester United fans (28 per cent) say they witnessed racism, followed by Liverpool (25 per cent), Arsenal (19 per cent) and Tottenham (18 per cent).
Homophobia remains a major issue at matches with nearly a quarter of fans (22 per cent) witnessing incidents at games.
Almost a third (31 per cent) of Chelsea fans saw homophobia at Stamford Bridge, while 26 per cent of Arsenal supporters saw the same offence at the Emirates.  
Other big offenders include Manchester United fans, with 23 per cent witnessing homophobic incidents, followed by Liverpool fans (18 per cent) and Newcastle (17 per cent).
A third of supporters have seen acts of violence across the UK, with 56 per cent of Stoke fans seeing their own involved in violent acts towards them and rivals.
Thirty nine per cent of Crystal Palace fans have seen violence, followed by Burnley, Derby and Huddersfield (38 per cent, Millwall and Cardiff (33 per cent).
Nearly a third (30 per cent) of British fans insists Millwall are the worst offenders, followed by Chelsea (14 per cent) and Liverpool (three per cent).
The number of arrests being witnessed is at 30 per cent, with nearly a quarter of fans (24 per cent) seeing Liverpool supporters arrested the most. 
Drugs appear to be playing a major role in matchdays, with 15 per cent of supporters admitting that drug taking at games is ongoing.
A third of Crystal Palace supporters say they have seen their own fans partaking in drug-taking, followed by Celtic (26 per cent) and Stoke (25 per cent).

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