Sheringham: Pochettino doesn't need to leave Tottenham to win big

I left Tottenham to join Manchester United
in 1997 for one reason — ambition. The club was settling for mediocrity at the time and I did not like it. It was as simple as that.
Now Mauricio Pochettino has been linked with United — but he has no reason to leave. He is at an ambitious club now, a club that is going places.
Tottenham are on the up, on and off the field. They have a tremendous team and in Harry Kane
they have one of the best strikers in the world. The club have Kane and Kane has Pochettino.
Why would either want to leave? Or need to leave? They are doing well in the league, they will soon move into a fantastic new stadium and the team is getting better and better under Pochettino. It is a completely different set-up to the one I left.
Yes, you could argue that United are the biggest club in the world and if Pochettino is only interested in money then obviously United might appeal, but I don't think it is about money with him.
He is ambitious, he is developing a great team and he is not afraid to bring in young players. He has a great eye for a player.
You only have to look at the way Harry Winks has made an impact. He reminds me in so many ways of Michael Carrick.
He is probably that bit more mobile but he has the same impact and influence as Carrick. If you watch, he takes the ball on the half-turn. He can see everything around him — in front, behind and to the sides. Carrick was like that.
It was Pochettino who spotted that ability and he was not afraid to give Winks a chance in the first team, and he is not the only youngster to be given his chance by Pochettino. 
He has proved to be a fantastic manager and with the new stadium coming, why would he want to leave everything he has built?
He has put together what is becoming a great team with a lot of very good players in his squad. They are playing his way and they are getting better.
There is no reason to think he will be better off anywhere else. The Tottenham I left is a long way from where the club is now. I am sure he will stay.

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